Heya. I know every man and his dog are currently seeming to be looking for an associate reviewer but with me starting a new job, getting over a major reading slump, and being so busy with this that and the other I’m getting pretty desperate for some help around here and would love a friendly speculative fiction lover to join me on Once Upon A Time.

What I’m Looking For:
  • A reasonably likeminded individual with a love for speculative fiction of any age group or genre. Some outside genres also welcome.
  • You would need to be willing and able to write at least 1 review every two weeks. As it will be the two of us, this basically gives us both a little leeway to take our time reading what we most enjoy and writing quality reviews for our readers. More would be better but that is the minimum. At the moment I manage 1 review a week.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t think you’d make a very good reviewer. I can help you out with a few tips and you’ll have it down in no time. So long as you have a decent grasp of the English language and a passion for books, I’m happy. I like Once Upon A Time to have a little bit of personality and treat its’ readers more as friends than nameless, faceless numbers.
  • Yes, I’m happy for you to read what you’re in the mood for and review books that I may have already reviewed because at the end of the day we’ll have different viewpoints and writing styles so it’s all good. My readers are varied and I like to give a bit of variety back!
What I’m Not Looking For:
  • Somebody who can’t commit. If you tell me that you can help me out with 1 review every two weeks and I don’t hear from you in three months then I’m going to be a little upset. I’m not asking for you to treat this like a full time job but it would be nice if you could at least treat it seriously.
  • A person who is pretty much after free books. You will need to read your own books. I might be able to send out the odd physical book I don’t have time for if you’re in the UK, I may be happy to forward indie authors to you if their book seems appropriate for my blog, but this is not the point in book blogging. Read your own books, make good use of the library, enter as many giveaways as you can, sign up for NetGalley, whatever you like but please don’t expect this to be a ticket to free books.
  • A book snob. I’m happy for you to prefer one thing over another, but never look down on something else just because you don’t like it.
  • Bad attitude in general. This is a hobby and it is supposed to be fun! Please keep that in mind.
What You’ll Be Able To Do:
  • I would like to read through your reviews and such before they go out just to double check them but I will give you the access you need to write up posts and save draft and format them.
  • Write reviews. These should be fun, constructively critical, and informative. We shall discuss more if you join me, but so long as you stick to a few basic rules, i.e. no tearing a book or author to shreds, I’m pretty easy on reviews.
  • Write posts. Any posts. Have an opinion or enjoy a particular topic? Have an idea for a regular feature? Go for it! I’m happy for you to be a part of this blog which leads on to..
  • Join in with any memes I do. At the moment I only do In My Mailbox regularly, but when the mood takes me I might do On My Wishlist, Follow Friday and the GReads one, and Top Ten Tuesdays. I don’t do all of those in one week because I do not want to overladen my blog with memes, but I’d love you to join in too unless you really don’t want to.
  • Share your ideas with me. If you have an idea for something or think that something could be done better, tell me! I’ll definitely consider it.

Basically, you won’t just be treated as just a guest reviewer but a part of Once Upon A Time. You’ll have a section in the about page, a signature for your posts, and anything you can bring will be a big help. We’ll ease into everything to just see how we feel with reviews and what you want to do. Basically, just have some fun, that’s all I ask! Interacting with readers and book bloggers is a lot of fun and I’d love you to be a part of that.

If you are interested, please please get in touch. I’ve put together a Google form to make it easy for you! If you need or want to email me for any reason, just head over to my contact page. 🙂

If you could please help me by spreading the word, I will love you to bits!