Hey guys! So Review Copy Cleanup challenge number two asks us to show our favourite reading spots and any habits that might accompany them.

I have scouted out a few places outdoors for when it gets a little warmer but it’s still too cold to be considering reading outside at the moment, so I shan’t be sharing those just yet but you’ll be happy to know that they all have a lovely view of the sea!

So. My favourite spots indoors. We haven’t long lived in this flat, actually, so they’re all pretty new spots but I love them all. It’s such a change to be able to curl up with a book and actually get a little peace and quiet and no back ache (back in Leicester I had to read on a bed with no headboard. Owie) and a choice!

First, I must mention the most important spot of all.

This is the comfiest chair in the world. I’m serious. Dan bought it for me from a local charity shop for (I think) £30 and though it’s a little faded and such I don’t give a crap because it’s so comfy! We’ve plonked it in the bedroom so I can go and get a bit of peace and quiet when I’m reading and it takes a lot of pressure off of both of us. I can concentrate better, Dan doesn’t have to walk on eggshells with how much noise he makes, and we both get a little privacy. It’s perfect!

I tend to balance my phone and notebook on the arm near the little cabinet, and the cabinet itself is great for stashing my next reads, my drink, and any snacks I might have snuck in. I like to curl up in this chair under my duvet which you can see in this next picture.

This isn’t really a regular reading spot because I’m not a huge fan of reading in bed, but occasionally, just before I want to sleep I’ll snuggle up under the duvet and have a good read in bed. Nothing helps get me sleepy better than reading in bed.

And my bedside table always has my current read incase I wake up in the morning and can’t be arsed to move yet and a glass of water. Pictured here are the books I was considering when I was picking my first RCC read.

The sofa is actually more Dan’s domain as that’s where the consoles live. In fact I think you can see a pad in the bottom left corner by the Quality Street tin (which is empty by now, I used it as a drinks table in lieu of an actual table, haha). But occasionally I’ll plonk my butt down here with a blanket and have a little read. I tend to read here more in the morning, if I read in the morning, while I eat breakfast, and on the rare occasions when I’d rather not be alone. Plus, our PCs live towards the back of the room so it’s a good place to switch between the two!

My chair is my one true love though. ♥