Challenge number three asks us to share a few teaser sentences from our current read. It does mention ‘books that haven’t yet been released’ but… this one has actually been out for a fair few months now. Shhh. Either way, I’m really enjoying Flying Blind and I think you’ll agree it sounds like a fun read! Just to give you a tiny bit of perspective: they’re riding a motorbike.

“Zoë, you’ve got to let me breathe,” Jared said a minute later. I guess he’d been giving me time to adjust, but was now moving on to plan B. “What are you going to do when we get on the highway?”

“Have heart failure.”

“Some Wyvern! You should be bold!” He took a turn with more verve than I felt it deserved. I clenched my teeth, positive that he was trying to scare me.

He didn’t need to know how well it was working.

Really hoping I can finish this one soon and have it reviewed for you guys. I’m loving it so far! Dragons. ♥