My TBR pile… *shudder* Well first, I think you need to see “The List”. The List is epic. Bow before The List.

Front and back. Obviously in order of when I received the books, and with little tick boxes too. Little red crosses mean it’s an ebook, and a line through means I’m not able to read it for whatever reason ((usually a dnf)). Impressive, yes? But also terrifying. It’s supposed to keep me organised and in line! Hopefully now the reading slump is passing it might do its’ job.

These are the hard copies I'm prioritising

These are also really important for me to get to but D:

And that is just the hard copies! As you can see on The List, there are also a whole bunch of NetGalleys and ebooks I need to get to – 29 in total on my Kindle.

You must be wondering how my pile got like this. Well.. I moved. 230 miles away from home. There was a lot of preparation and terror in the lead up, then the move itself and temporarily living with my partner’s dad (during which time I didn’t have much quiet to read), then we moved into the flat around New Years, then there was unpacking, and settling in, and a 2 month reading slump… I have done my best in the meantime but I’ve lost about 3 months worth of important reading time and thus I jumped into the Review Copy Cleanup happily.

With so much to get through, I’m not specifying which I’ll be reading this month. I’m just taking it as it comes. Prioritising based on requests, how long I’ve had a book, release date, reading moods, etc. I even rearranged my ‘received for review’ shelf on Goodreads a little! It’s not necessarily in a specific order but it’s easier to go through and work out what I need to read. Yeah. I’m bricking it a little but when you read, enjoy, and review a book, it all kinda seems worth it, doesn’t it? Here’s to catching up! I’d love to have a little more time for my own books this year.

All in all, I’m hoping to manage at least 5 books this month, realistically, but the more the better!