So I logged in.. was it Friday night? I can’t remember but I decided that rather than reading I’d pop in and play my Hunter. I did one Well of Eternity with a group of douches and remembered why I don’t generally enjoy Hunter since the change to focus. I keep hoping that my dislike of it is just a phase but alas! So as I’d been levelling Soupdragon (now on Ghostlands) to play with the awesome folk of Harvest Moon, I decided to pop on her for a little bit instead and continue with Uldum, maybe do a couple of instances.

As it were, badleeroybrown (aka. Lee) offered to run me through a few dungeons and a couple others joined us (I believe ronee was there for a little bit), and when they had to go, Juice joined us and we got on Mumble and generally had a laugh.

I could ramble on about how we did more instances and I got to 85 and did CoC (mm.. CoC..), but I don’t think there’s any need for that. I’m really enjoying my time in Harvest Moon. Reliq has done an amazing job getting this guild together and I have to say, hats off to him! I know it wasn’t easy but it has some great people. There’s an awesome atmosphere, it’s fun, it’s social, people help each other, there’s no elitism (unless the pug Shaman only manages 800 dps in a heroic in which case: wtf?! Not that that’s elitism because.. really?!) and they’ve somehow convinced me that in fact, yes, I should raid. Bunch of enablers, I tell you! The raiding team may even need a tank and/or a Rogue. Fancy that! *nudge* No Death Knights though. Nope. *cough*

And there may also have been a slight failure of a Sunwell group. We’re clever! Apparently Kalecgos is bugged and only summons the portal once at the moment.. so after a little while spent pole dancing we just hearthed. And yes. There are only 3 of us. But we’re totally sexy.

As for Soupdragon, she has been working on unlocking helm and shoulder enchants as I don’t have any of those unlocked on Ghostlands, and gearing up as best she can. She had the dps helm from End Time taken from her by a well geared tank and disenchanted right in her face (which actually really upset me :|), she got the melee trinket from Well of Eternity (yayyyy!), and she helped out Dan with a couple of things as well. I really missed Soup. And I’m really excited to see Softthistle back playing a little as well! That might have been my fault. Silly Scroll of Resurrection.

What do you think of her transmog set at the moment? I squeed and ran to the PvP vendor when I heard that they’d added Brutal Gladiator’s for Death Knights because I always love those sets but I’m still slowly working on it. Shall do a little post about it when I get chance to! I have been meaning to. Hopefully you’ll be hearing a little more of Soup’s antics.