Oyoyoy. I felt the need for a little blog ramble as I have a few things swirling around my head.

The first thing being my sudden disregard for young adult fiction and anything paranormal romance. As you might be able to understand from various In My Mailbox posts and my review shelf, this is quite a problem in the review book department!! I know if I read them and can’t get on with them I would not only be wasting my time but wouldn’t do the books justice but I also don’t feel right simply not reading so many books sent over for the purpose of reviewing them. This is also a problem because I know a lot of you guys are first and foremost young adult readers. Whilst I doubt (hope) I wouldn’t offend anybody by sticking to adult fiction once again as I did when I started out, before becoming swamped in young adult fiction, I also figure a lot of you would have little to no interest in my blog if there was barely any young adult fiction featured here. We’ll see.

Basically, I will read what I am in the mood to read, but I don’t want to turn my back on my readers completely by doing so. I was actually quite hoping for an associate reviewer situated in the UK with an interest in young adult fiction who I could maybe send the odd review copy along to but hey. I reckon I’ll give some of these books I have waiting for me a go.

I’ve also completely lost track of time. I keep forgetting to send out guest posts, forgetting about ebooks I need to read, forgetting when upcoming blog tours need to be featured and generally not getting around to things because I’m too tired to remember anything. This is a problem. This is also why I am not actually accepting review requests (unless from a publisher I know of already) for the forseeable future. I just hope this passes soon and I start making better use of my diary.

I have a few goals. They’re pretty much not going to happen for a while, but I’d really, really like to get back into epic fantasy in a big way and having time to read my own books and whatever I’m in the mood for at the time. And when I do request something, I’d rather it be something I definitely want to read asap. We book bloggers sometimes get caught in the “ooh that sounds interesting” trap and I know I’m not alone on that one, but I promise I’ve realised what was happening now and I’m barely accepting anything at the moment. I’d also like to get my hands on Scrivener, finally, and start writing properly. My only real goal in life is to be a published author and I want to do it properly. I have ideas and I have to get these ideas written down, edited, proof-read.. everything. I’m serious about this and I’ve just been slacking off with this for way too many years. If it wasn’t for NaNoWriMo I still wouldn’t have started writing, I bet.

TLDR; Slight reading slump. Young adult/paranormal romance “blahs”. Scared of offending publishers and boring blog readers. Not even to do lists can help me now. Really want to get back to epic fantasy and reading as the mood takes me. And it’s about damn time I started taking creative writing seriously.

Edit: I also wanted to apologise for any downtime over the weekend.. My blog was hacked. A huge, huge, huge thanks to my wonderful host and friend who is wonderfully efficient and to whom I owe many, many cookies. If you notice anything suspicious at any point, do let me know, though it should be okay now.