It’s time for a new Sunday “meme” on Once Upon A Time and what better way to end the week than to share it with blogging friends? This one will be a little more fun than In My Mailbox, though I won’t be doing away with sharing my weekly hoard completely.

The Past Week at Once Upon A Time
Random Thoughts
  • My readers are awesome. You guys managed to bring me up out of the biggest reading and blogging slump I have had so far with your comments and I love you all to bits. Thanks to you, there will be changes around here.
  • Myself and Naithin are still working on honing this blog into something new and this week we took a look at “de-girling” the place. By that we mean just making it a little more gender neutral and I think what we have now is getting close to being spot on.
  • I got my tax rebate!! Must.. resist.. Amazon..
Around The Blogosphere

Whilst I’m damn awful at keeping up on my reader, once in a while something grabs my eye, and this past week..

  • Technically not this past week, but Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist posted a ‘What to read next…‘ and I really liked it.
  • It has come out this week that somebody has been a little naughty. Here is the original post. This topic has been done to death and yes I’m more than a little tired of the drama but plagiarism is never cool. MY two cents: if you’re against plagiarism, leave her be. Being so blatantly oppositional is just showing how much you care, sending her more traffic and it’s really time to move on.
  • How to Request a Digital Review Copy on Edelweiss. Because I know a few of us were darn confused.
  • It is Amanda’s blogoversary and she’s having a party! Go check out the festivities.
Something Cute and Fluffy

Yeah, what of it? I like cute. You like cute. What’s not to like?


Search Terms

I don’t usually check my search terms because more often than not it’s full of unfunny, regular terms but let’s see..

  • book about homeless guy and a catA Street Cat Named Bob!
  • bout of books – Yes, do sign up here!!
  • fucking diet – I know, right?
  • hannah the hippo pygmy – *scowls*

I had a fantastic bookish week! So much variety, just wish I could do a vlog. I’m really hoping to get hold of a webcam sometime in the next couple of months.

For Review

I was actually a little surprised to receive The Immortal Rules after getting my author questions in late and the blog tour looming ever closer but it turned up.. right after I’d decided to give up on young adult fiction for the time being. Uh oh. I’m trying to like it, I swear. Though my initial response was, “Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games? It has VAMPIRES! It’s nothing LIKE The Hunger Games!! And it’s a fricking STICKER!! Arg!” Two things that drive me mad.. ha. And Dinner at Mine sounds hilarious, I can’t wait to get started on that one. It’s a kind of Come Dine With Me thing.. go have a look on Goodreads, I suck at explaining.

The cat book! Yay! Dan snuck it in from Amazon and I loves it. *pets book* Want to read it nowww.
Charity Shop Finds

I needed a treasure hunt. Haven’t been on one in soo long and all of these were actually from the same charity shop. I felt pretty lucky!

I finally found Great Expectations free for the Kindle and Advent is from NetGalley.