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Apologies for the lack of crappy phone picture this week but I am shattered! I even decided to post a little early because why not?

But as you may be able to tell, I’ve been having a little revamp around here. There won’t be any drastic changes but you will notice the odd thing here and there, and there is more to come when I find the time. If you haven’t met Naithin yet, do go and say hello. I’m looking forward to his future posts and having a little more of an epic fantasy vibe around the blog (which was actually my original intention). Honest, he doesn’t bite. Hope you like the changes.


The first was gifted to me from Ellie, whom I lub a little bit. She even has blogger business cards. And post-it notes! How cool. Legend was sent over from Razorbill after I won Bella‘s giveaway. Both are huge huzzahs!


  • Poseidon’s Children by Michael West | Goodreads

This was a freebie from Seventh Star Press. Watch my Twitter account during the week because they will be putting up another of their books for free on Amazon next week and I will be sharing.