Hey guys! This isn’t technically the first time I’ve participated in Random Reads but it is the first time I’ve mentioned it. I picked a random book from my review shelf last month and it was Decoy… which I’m still only halfway through. But hey, I tried! So this month I tried again and this is where it landed.

Oh, and for those of you who perhaps haven’t heard of the meme before, all you do is open up your Goodreads shelf, pick a number between 1 and X (however many books on your shelf) on Random.org, and whichever number it chooses is the number of the book on your Goodreads shelf you read. There are different ways you can do this but that’s the easiest way. That probably made more sense in my head.. best click on the little post header image for more information. (Hint: Join in! It’s a lot of fun.)

My April Pick

I wasn’t going to be reading this one for a little while but suppose I shall do now once I finish at least my current read. It shall be started and hopefully read in April, I have all month.