Hey guys! I never realised yesterday when I started typing out my rambling stream of thoughts that you would help me sort out my head so much but you did and I think for that you deserve a cute image as a thank you.

And really, everything you guys said makes sense. In fact, the main piece of advice I took away from your comments was, “Don’t read what you feel you have to, you’re supposed to be having fun, read what you want to. We’ll still be here!” Looking back, this is really quite stupidly obvious and I should have known, but somehow I got myself all wrapped up in feelings of obligation to the publishers and authors who had sent me all of these wonderful books that I forgot where I’d begun and had forgotten how fun reading could be. And I know that those of you who matter don’t really give a flying shit what I’m reading and I shouldn’t lose sight of that.

With those things in mind: thank you. Thank you for reminding me how book blogging works, even though I already knew and just yesterday wrote a post with advice just like this, and how awesome you guys are. I will now be reading what I want. I will not be requesting books unless I really want to read them. And once I’m caught up with all of my silly anxieties, I do have a few ideas for the blog that I am really excited for. And you’re going to love them! *mystery wiggly fingers*

I’ll be reading primarily adult fiction again, but I will not be specifying exactly what. I am an eclectic reader and always have been. I love urban fantasy, epic fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, dystopia, magical realism, retellings, humorous chick lit, historical fiction, the odd contemporary, classic.. anything quirky and/or olderworldly, and most of all well-written, in some way and I hope you enjoy what I have to put out there! Naithin will be around in all of his SFF glory and hopefully soon we shall have a third reviewer along for the ride as well. Sure, I will still read young adult fiction but I am not getting caught in that trap any more. I have never been a romance reader (chick lit excepted) and I need to drastically reduce the amount of romance with fantasy/paranormal side stories I devour!

Thankfully, I do not need to take a break. 🙂 On the contrary, I adore blogging it was the reading I was struggling with, trying to keep on top of my review copies and drastically failing. All of the guest posts I’ve taken on are not a problem at all, I love guest posts and promoting all sorts of fiction, I just need to make more use of calendars and diaries and that is what I’m doing now.

Yes, Once Upon A Time will be changing a little bit but hopefully you agree that it’s for the better.