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Maggie For Hire (Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker #1) by Kate Danley

Synopsis (Goodreads):

When monsters appear on Earth, Maggie MacKay is on the job. No one is better at hauling the creepy crawlies back where they belong. No one, that is, except her dad, who disappeared without a trace in the middle of an assignment.

Now an elf named Killian has shown up with a gig. Seems Maggie’s uncle teamed up with the forces of dark to turn Earth into a vampire convenience store, serving bottomless refills on humans.

The only hope for survival lies in tracking down two magical objects and a secret that disappeared with Maggie’s dad.

WARNING: This book contains cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Proceed with caution.

My Thoughts:

I liked this one way more than I thought I would. Which isn’t to say that I thought I wouldn’t like it, but the pop culture references and the general snark that Maggie indulged in tickled my fancy. Plus, who doesn’t like it when a hot elf shows up and makes breakfast while helping battle the forces of darkness?

It wasn’t hard to like Maggie. She’s a scrappy fighter, she loves her cat and she helps keep the mean streets of LA clean of supernatural baddies. Her ability to travel between worlds at will makes her something of a hot commodity when her previously unknown evil uncle pops up to enact his evil plan. Did I mention that he’s evil? True story. However, help arrives in the form of one seriously hot elf who is determined to help her save the world and who would also like to get into Maggie’s pants. I approve of both parts of his plan, btw. Saving the world is important, as are Maggie’s pants.

I thought the overall worldbuilding was well thought out and intriguing. We learned about several types of supernaturals without ever going into informational overload. Probably my only issue with the book (and it was a relatively minor issue. More an issue-let than anything else.) is the way that Killian and Maggie fell into the casual touching game so easily. It seemed like they were exchanging and/or allowing hugs fairly quickly and that felt a bit out of character on Maggie’s part. It didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book, but it was something I noticed.

The writing is fast paced, the quips are fun, and Maggie cracked me up something fierce. Her single-minded determination to fix things when the chips are down made her interesting and the bad guys who try to stop her are helpless in the face of her fury. Quirky, fun and gory, I can envision Maggie on a lot of different adventures down the line.

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