Lore from Leland

By Jackie Gamber, author of Redheart and Sela, Books One and Two of the Leland Dragon Series

From the birth of the world containing Leland Province, and Esra Province, from the hem of the hungry desert to the lush Murk Forest and beyond, dragons have always been. Created from the fabric that wove oceans and mountains into being, dragons are as magic as their world.

Dragons are magic.

Magic is their breath. The fire from their lungs. The beating of their hearts.

It’s the way it is now. It’s the way they’ve always known.

Much of what Leland dragons understand about history has been passed along through story, from one generation to the next. How humans spread across the lands, ravenous for the magic of the dragons, and for the buried crystals that contained a concentrated form of enchantments even they could wield. How digging and scraping the earth dry began to change it, warp it.

How, as their world slowly died away, so did the dragons.

Readers familiar with the world of Leland and her neighbors understand how dragons and humans came to an agreement to share lands, to vassal dragons to human landowners, and how wizards came to liaise and manage these arrangements.

And how written stories were discovered. Scrolls. Ancient tales of history.

These scrolls continue to be collected in Sela, Book Two of the Leland Dragon Series. A library dedicated to them has been built, so that anyone, dragon or human, can come and learn from the world’s history. Be a part of its future.

The most exciting part of Leland’s lore is that new scrolls are discovered all the time. Hidden in caves, locked away in enchanted trunks. Personal stories, biographies, even snippets of diary-like entries, once unearthed, become a part of Libreman en Leland.

An example of a scroll can be found at www.lelanddragons.com, entitled “The Red March”. Just one story from a wealth of possible stories from anyone familiar with the novel series.

Think you know where a scroll might be hidden? Want to be a historian for Leland?

I invite readers to submit stories and art for the Leland Dragons website! Use the “Contact Me” page to send me your scroll. I’d love to read it.

Because the strength of Leland’s magic only grows the more it’s shared.

The Author

Jackie Gamber is the award-winning author of Redheart and Sela, Books One and Two of the Leland Dragon Series, now available! For more information about Jackie and her mosaic mind, visit http://www.jackiegamber.com

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