Bout of Books Read-a-Thon May 2012

This challenge is hosted by Books Devoured.

Your Challenge is to choose any book cover and Re-Title it! You can choose anything you like and go the serious or humorous route!

I’ve just gone into, picked a number, found it on Goodreads, deciding that cover was crap, scrolled up, picked another and that’s why I chose this book. There’s really no real method to my madness.

Let’s see though. I don’t like the title ‘Un Lun Dun‘ particularly and this novel is about an alternative almost Wonderlandesque kind of version of London so…

The London Wilderness

Beware the giraffe shifters..

What do you think? A new career for me, yes? I might be the worst person.. scratch that.. the second worst person in the world for naming things!