Bout of Books Read-a-Thon May 2012

Hey guys! So we’ve reached the end of Bout of Books once again. *sobs* How did you guys do? I’m a bit miffed that work got in the way so much, but hey. Let’s take a look at my initial goals.

To keep up with my reading, hopefully about 100 pages per day if I can fit it in, and have some fun. Talk to other bloggers. Hop around. Twitter chats. Whatever I can do inbetween work.

And I planned to catch up on the American Gods read along and finish Watermelon and start a new book. I also had this pile to choose from:

It’s safe to say that yes, I did do what I could inbetween work but with Diablo III being released in the week, I definitely didn’t manage to catch up on American Gods, and work and tiredness led to my inability to finish Watermelon. I do think I could finish Watermelon today but I very much didn’t reach my goals. Here are my daily updates for this read-a-thon. In fact, my pile has ended up looking a little more like this by now:

On top of all that, I barely managed to hop around and chat to folk at all. The clincher? I now have 3 days off which would have been ideal early last week! Ah well. I did what I could and thus I couldn’t have failed. Just hope my reading picks up a little this week. 🙂

I shall miss you guys and the hashtag! Do keep in touch.