Clock Rewinders is the brain-child of Tara from 25 Hour Books and Amanda from On A Book Bender. Amanda opened it up to the rest of us and I hopped in to join everybody else in showcasing the past week on the blog, in the blogosphere, books, the weird and the wonderful. If you wish to join in as well, you’re very welcome so long as you remember that this isn’t about self promotion but community.

The Past Week at Once Upon A Time

Need to work a little on our spacing but we’ll get there!

And do check out the giveaway for Nimbus! There are high odds you could win this one and it sounds excellent.

Random Thoughts
  • I bow down to those of you who work hard on arranging successful blog tours and launch day parties. It is a very, very difficult task! Especially when you come home from a shift in retail tired and achy and just wanting to lie down with a book. I tip to my hat to all of you fine people.
  • Gorgeous new header makes me happy! And gives me fictional writing ideas..
  • So exhausted *curls into ball*
Around The Blogosphere

Gotta love starred items in Google Reader and the +1 extension for Chrome. Seriously. Here’s a few I have starred/+1 this past week.

Have you signed up for Bout of Books v4 yet? Why not? You’ll be reading that week anyway, right?

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If you haven’t before heard of Bout of Books, the idea is to socialise and have some fun. There are so many read-a-thons that focus on reading as much as you can and they often feel more like a competition than the fun that they should be. Well, with Bout of Books, you read what you can. Set your own goals, join in with the challenges, giveaways, Twitter chats, and enjoy yourself and meet new bloggers. Read as much as you want to, or as much as you can.

Search Terms
  • modern steampunk – Err.. kinda defeating the point isn’t it?
  • kelley armstrong bitten age category – Definitely 18+! *huggles Clay*
  • in my mailbox alternative – I would recommend Showcase Sundays. 🙂
  • man fucks a cat – …Why did that even lead here? I just… /boggle. Damn internet, you scary!
What Am I Reading?

Well.. I’m sure you remember all my flailing about getting The Immortal Rules read by Wednesday at the beginning of the week? If not, I started off grumpy because I wasn’t in the mood to read it, after a couple of days realised it was awesome and did nothing else while I tried my hardest to finish it within two days, which for me is quite a feat.

Finished: The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa

Started: Dinner At Mine by Chris Smyth

What next? The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien

Unless I’m overcome by the overwhelming need to pick up something else between now and then, of course.


*squeal* This pile of books makes me so unbelievably happy! 😀

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I received these for.. erm.. technically for review, not that Dicks (edit: Dickens*) really needs to be “reviewed” in this day and age, but you understand what I mean. The Penguin English Library are being released in stages throughout the year and these are just a handful from the first batch to hit the shelves. I adore the simple yet elegant designs and I am now determined to gather a small collection of them for my book shelf! Sorry Kindle, but you just don’t live up to these editions.

This one was offered to me with a “I know historical fiction isn’t usually your thing..” I was like, “Actually? It is. I just haven’t had chance to really dig into it yet.”  I am told that fans of The Duchess will like this and that it is better than Philippa Gregory, but I’ve never seen/read The Duchess and the latter? Well, that’s not hard. So I accepted it giddily and shall hopefully get to it soon and isn’t the cover lovely? I love UK covers for historical fiction focused on female characters.

I was finally able to buy a few for myself! I had a budget of £20 and I tore through my Amazon wishlists whittling it down to what I was in the mood for as I ordered. I picked up two fun sounding chick lits from the 2 for £7 offer, Moving Pictures which is the next Discworld chronologically that I don’t own (and it sounds hilarious), and Geist I’ve wanted for soo long. The text is a little tiny though, not sure if you can really tell from this picture but look: