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The Past Week at Once Upon A Time
Random Thoughts

I honestly haven’t really been around much this week. With absolutely having to check out Diablo III (once I worked out how to get it to install on my PC) and working and being shattered, I’ve barely had time to read or participate much at all in Bout of Books which sucks! It’s only on every few months and I just didn’t have time. *sobs* On the other hand.. Diablo III is wicked awesome, despite not putting in too much time. Perhaps 4 or 5 hours overall? Hoping to catch up on the American Gods read along and finish Watermelon this coming week though and pick up Black Dawn.

Around The Blogosphere
  • Logan announced the Outlander Read Along! Which I still need to read but highly doubt I’ll be able to fit in. However, read alongs are a lot of fun so go sign up.
  • Karina has been busy this week. First I adored her review of The Darkening Dream so much that it made me consider giving it another try. Then she posted a few tips for bloggers who want to host international giveaways, followed up by a great example of why Fishpond is awesome.
  • This is actually a post from myself on my other blog highlighting a fantastic offer from a friend of mine. Basically, if you’re looking for great, reliable, affordable hosting for your WordPress blog and like Squishables, check this post out before next Friday.
  • Vicky is looking for bloggers to take part in two upcoming blog tours.
  • I seem to have had further success in recruiting Morganville lovers. Check out Shirley’s reviews for Glass Houses and The Dead Girls’ Dance. Then go pick them up yourselves. 😉
Not Quite The Blogosphere
Search Terms

Okay so.. most of these just don’t make sense so I didn’t even bother commenting but felt the need to share anyway.

  • once upon a tea pup – Umm.. *melts*
  • snow leopard with a sunflower
  • animals that have tails
  • cuddle up your time
  • what age range is glass houses suitable for rachel caine – It’s teen 🙂 A tiny bit of violence, death and peril but nothing too horrendous. I’d say 13+ but it’s enjoyable for us adults too.
  • in my schedule where do i find time to read? – Amanda has kindly answered that one here.
What Am I Reading?

Finished: *ahem*..

Started: American Gods by Nail Gaiman, Watermelon by Marian Keyes

What Next? Black Dawn by Rachel Caine!

Actually it’s continued with American Gods and Watermelon but hey, you get the idea.


If you’d like to see what I picked up this week, click the ‘read more’ link.

The Rules of Civility is my first “for review” book from Hodder and I’m looking forward to it. It sounds like a really elegant, good read. Black Dawn? Yeah. I squealed a little. It’s a nice big one, came with swag and a signature *eeh!* and.. and.. and.. Morganville! You guys know how much I love this series by now. And I’ve heard really good things about this one! Thank you to Hodder and Allison & Busby!

These were both kindly gifted to me. Straight to Hell by Vicky when I mentioned how awesome the series sounds. Thank you Vicky! And Liberty Frye was actually quite a lovely email. It was gifted to me by the author’s husband who believes in his wife’s work so much that he seems to have taken it upon himself to promote, and it made me a little bit happy. I accepted because it sounds like a really good read. Do take a look on Goodreads!

I got quite lucky with the freebies this week! A few times I checked my Kindle wishlist (price low to high) and found things on there as freebies which I of course snatched up. So that was very nice.

Swag! As you can see, I finally got a vinyl skin for my Kindle. The little sheepy is a keyring I’ve had my eye on since we started work and Dan bought it for me in the week when I was having a bad day. He’s getting really good with those little gestures. And the Black Dawn swag was sent over with Black Dawn from Allison and Busby. The top left item, I think, is a cardholder. There’s obviously a bookmark and then.. well.. I can’t work out what the other thing is. It’s holographic and blank on the back. Any ideas guys?

Them’s the back of my Kindle.

Signed! Squee!