Hey guys. 🙂 To go with my review for The Immortal Rules a couple of weeks back, I have a little treat in the form of a Julie Kagawa Q&A for you today. Hope you enjoy!
How is The Immortal Rules different from the Iron Fey series, aside from the obvious vampires instead of faeries?

The Immortal Rules is much darker then The Iron Fey series.  There is more blood, violence, and death, and the world is very harsh, desolate, and bleak.  Very different then the surreal beauty of the Faery lands.

Will there be, or are you considering writing, any novellas for the Blood of Eden series?

Actually, there will be a Blood of Eden novella featured in a coming anthology about finding love in the apocalypse.  I can’t say more about it, but be on the lookout for that.

What do you enjoy outside of literature?

Martial Arts. My hubby and I are practioners of kung-fu and Kali. We spend a lot of hours throwing each other around and hitting each other with sticks. It’s wonderful stress relief and great exercise. Also video games, which gives me both inspiration and needed down time.

Could you please share something with us that has made you laugh recently?

The antics of my chickens. When I go out to feed them and play with them, they always want to climb on me. Most recently, one climbed up to my shoulder and then tried to jump on my head. She failed because I was laughing too hard to sit still.

Do you prefer writing about the Faeries or the Vampires?

I loved every minute of writing The Iron Fey series, but after four books and two novellas, I was ready to move on to something different.  I’d been wondering if I could write something a little darker, and The Immortal Rules was the perfect opportunity for that.  But I loved writing them both, and I don’t think I could choose a favourite between the fey and the vamps.