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Okay, so as my incoming pile for this week was entirely mental, I decided to do my showcasing in a separate post dedicated to the incoming. Why a separate post at all? Well. You know how you constantly have incoming and some books never quite see the light of day? I’ve always liked to spotlight each and every book just so they get some love before they commence a life of dust gathering. Ideally, they’re read and loved but realistically, that’s not always going to happen and well I like reading your incoming posts so.. yeah. I’ll keep doing them whether they’re separate from Clock Rewinders or not, depends on how much there is to feature.

We can blame this week on freebies, giveaways, libraries, The Works and a bundle of review requests coming in at once. And my idiocy in losing my glasses. And because there are so many, I figured I’d lay things out by genre for a change.

I’m not giving you the story, just understand that I aman idiot. Still, pretty frames, yes? And this is my spare pair, still waiting on the main pair which will have the anti-glare stuff for when I’m driving.

Chick Lit

  • Monday to Friday Man by Alice Peterson | Goodreads
  • White Wedding by Milly Johnson | Goodreads
  • One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon | Goodreads

The first was found in The Works and I’m fairly sure me and this book were fated to be together. I added it to my wishlist after browsing Goodreads recommendations, the following week the author followed me on Twitter, a few days later I find it in The Works. Fate! Clearly. The other two are from Simon & Schuster so thank you! I have heard great things about both and with the current Summery weather I’m extra excited to get started. They did, however, turn up at my dad’s so he had to mail them over, but hey.

  • Dancing Naked in Dixie by Lauren Clark | Goodreads

Sent over from Lauren, the lovely author, after I won a copy from Pragya’s blog. It sounds like a really fun read!

Science Fiction

Unison 3.0 was another that ended up at my dad’s house. That must have been an expensive parcel for him, I do feel a little bad. Shall have to contact some people. Anyway, this is basically a.. hm.. young adult cyberpunk type thing with a social networking base? It sounds amazing! Neuromancer is a classic. If you know sci-fi, you know Neuromancer. I love cyberpunk and this is like the cyberpunk, so when I found it in The Works – gleeful yay!! I haven’t read it yet but so very glad to finally have a copy for when the mood next strikes me.

Exiled was free early in the week which I found via my wishlist and Suffocate was sent over for review. Whilst I won’t have time for it myself, I have put it onto my Kindle incase.. and there is a giveaway up for you guys!*see sidebar.


  • Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch | Goodreads
  • Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson | Goodreads
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas | Goodreads
  • The Gunslinger by Stephen King | Goodreads

Yes. I went to the library again. Yes, I borrowed more books I don’t have time to read. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this? Throne of Glass.. eeh! I’ve heard about this one. Very very good things. And I was lucky enough to get hold of a UK ARC!! Isn’t it gorgeous? I think I prefer this cover to the official UK cover. Cannot wait. Thank you Bloomsbury! And The Gunslinger. I’ve already mentioned this in Clock Rewinders and was extra lucky to get my hands on a review copy of the reissue. I love it, and Hodder! Thank you.

Why yes I did pick up two copies of Warbreaker this week. My bookish habits can be quite odd. See.. I was planning to join the Warbreaker group read so I reserved the book in the library and was then told that there should be a free Kindle edition on Brandon Sanderson’s website so I picked up both and I’m now not going to be partaking in the read along. Oh well, I started and it’s magnificent!

This is basically a pile of freebies, gifts and giveaway winnings. Lots of fantasy, lots of Seventh Star Press, lots of happy Hannah. I’m particularly excited for Stephen Zimmer’s books, I’ve heard they are amazing! (a small press author who does it right) And Fates’ Motif I have been patiently waiting for for a while.

Urban Fantasy

Why yes, I do already own this book, thank you for asking. I’ve wanted to replace my tatty copy for so long, so when there wasn’t much else in The Works that jumped out at me I decided it was a good time to replace it. Yay.