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The Past Week at Once Upon A Time

Another fantastic week for the Kingdom blog tour! Natasha of A Bit of Dash posted a little information about the book along with her review. Leslie hosted two stops this week at Working for the Mandroid. The first being a guest post all about Biopunk, and the second being her review. And Angelya’s Oaken Bookcase featured her review of Kingdom. A week full of great reviews all around! And of course, the Kindle Fire giveaway and the giveaway for a signed copy of Kingdom are both still running, we’re nearing the end of the tour now though so get your entries in!

Around The Blogosphere
  • There’s a really funny guest post from Rachel Hartman, author of Seraphina, on Book Chick City with a giveaway of the book. Really great read.
  • Interested in the kinds of books that use Phatpuppy art on their covers? Bookish Brunette is now holding sign-ups for book tours for these very books.
  • Over at Fantasy Faction there’s a great review for a sweet sounding book called Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link.
  • Zoë Marriott’s most recent novel, Frostfire, had a trailer released this week (courtesy of Book Angel) and it does look pretty awesome. I really need to read her stuff. It’s all on my Kindle.
  • Hanna’s Comic Book FAQ is a pretty epic read. She’s trying to introduce us to comics and tell us they’re not so scary and actually a lot of fun and she is doing a fantastic job with it.
  • Amanda’s in denial about Cover Whoring. Of course we all do this! I don’t think I have ever not cover whored in my entire life.
  • Ellie’s review of The Girl You Left Behind has me itching to pick up Jojo Moyes books, especially this one which sounds right up my street.
  • The Book Swarm discussed the good and the bad in book reviews this week last Saturday and I have to say I agree with her wholeheartedly. If you ever wonder how you could improve your reviews, this post is worth a read through.
  • And finally, I discovered Angelya’s Blogger World Map. Where in the world are you? Plop yourself on the map! Be as vague or specific as you like.
Not Quite The Blogosphere
Random Thoughts

This has been a weird, weird week. Monday was Dan’s birthday and that was pretty awesome. I gave him a game he’s wanted for months (Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning) and his family gave him a new Xbox 360 because I begged his brother to do so as his was on its’ very last legs. Then we went to an Australian (right?) place in the next town and had massive plates of delicious food (chicken and ribs, anyone?). Tuesday I worked. Wednesday was Dan’s brother’s birthday, my first of three days off, and my nanny’s funeral which I couldn’t attend due to being 230 miles away. It didn’t get to me at all because I just didn’t know her until my dad’s phone call telling me about the funeral. Thankfully a night’s sleep helped and Thursday I… lost my day to trying to get into a fantasy mood, I believe. It took me hours but by the end I was itching for some epic. Nothing else really worth mentioning, just a very odd week.

Am Writing

Another new section! Guess what? This week I procrastinated on the read-a-thon by writing. Usually it’s the other way around but I had a fantastic opening scene rolling around my head and I simply had to write it down because as you writey folk well know, opening scenes don’t roll around too often. And then of course I had to work out how to separate my five different projects in Scrivener, draw my main female character so I had a proper visual to go on (I did find three images that had different features I wanted for her, so I combined them in my notebook) and then spend a long time perusing Scrivener’s awesomely descriptive name generator for suitable names for my two main characters. Thinking Eshne for her, and Kato for him. I’m so freaking excited!! I’m already in love with this story and it barely exists at the moment. I only jotted down about 250 words but it’s ready to roll now.

Search Terms
  • anime dragon boy – you’ll be wanting Natsu then
  • win a kindle fire – over here!
  • rarity as jessica rabbit my little pony – *frowny face*
  • once upon a time a man set out to change the world. before long he discovered that the world was too far too big for one person to change. so he decided to change his country. however, crooked politicians and special interest groups unfortunately thwarted his efforts, so he decided to change his neighborhood. but his neighbors simply closed their doors and shut their windows, so he decided to change his family. instead of changing, his children rebelled and his wife threatened a divorce, and things only got worse. finally the man decided to change himself. and when he did that, he changed the world. – epic.
What Am I Reading?

Finished: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland by Catherine M. Valente

Started: Crown of Vengeance by Stephen Zimmer

What Next?  I have a feeling I will still be reading Crown of Vengeance this time next week but we shall see!


Check my Showcase Sunday post for incoming this week.