Right! Well, this week’s reading sure shook things up, didn’t it?

Spoilers follow for chapters thirty-five through to forty-nine in particular, and possibly earlier parts of the book in general by extension. If you haven’t yet read the book, come along again afterward once you have, or wait for the spoiler-free review to follow once the group read is complete! 🙂

I asked the questions this week — you can tell this because they’re almost as long as some of the answers — which means Amanda will have the duty of providing us with the final questions for the book end next week! I can hardly wait!

Getting back into the moment though, here are the questions (and answers)! ((What a lot of exclamation marks!))

1) So, pretty much everything has been flipped up on its head in this section. Which particular revelation was the greatest shock to you and how has it impacted your view of the book as a whole?

For sure the deception of Denth and the other mercenaries. I had played with the idea of them perhaps not being quite level with Viveena in week two, but while I supposed there might be some alternate — possibly even conflicting — agenda I never could have foreseen quite to what extent they were being deceptive.

Denth and Tonk Fah both were really quite likeable characters, but the new information of this section turned it quite on its head. I didn’t think much of Tonk Fah losing his ‘pets’, just assumed that he was well meaning but a little slow in learning how to keep them from running off.

But… no… that wasn’t it at all. *shudder*

As to how it has impacted my view of the book as a whole? Well, now I am almost certainly going to have to re-read the book with the knowledge now possessed and try catch all the ways in which their deceit is reflected before the reveal. Viveena says (well, thinks) some of it ((more for the benefit of the reader, I felt)) but I’m sure there is more to it which will be spotted upon a close re-read.

2) Vasher is perhaps one of those things who we’ve had flipped over on us. Turns out he may have once been a scholar, even! Vasher and Viveena have quite the conversation about Awakening and Returned and skate across the topic of ‘Type 4’ Awakened Objects, which the story implies to be objects like Nightblood. Vasher is completely unwilling to discuss it any further – any guesses as to why?

I am guessing that there is something quite morally ‘wrong’ with the creation of a ‘Type 4’ Awakened object. Running the lines of sacrificing a human life — not just their breath — or something even worse and far more imaginative.

Whether Vasher refuses to speak of it so vehemently because he had something to do with Nightblood’s creation — unlikely, I think, since we’ve heard numerous references to the creator being dead — or whether it is a matter of disliking what was done so much that even the use of such a tool feels wrong to him, I don’t know.

If it is the latter, then clearly he believes he needs it regardless to succeed in whatever his ultimate goal might be. Although I suppose it’s also possible that he just doesn’t trust leaving it anywhere in case another uses it in his stead.

3) Siri’s conversation with Treledees perhaps indicated that for all the disregard he shows for Siri, that he may in fact still care for the God King. If true, does this clash with their idea of simply holding onto the Divine Breath until the return of another, or how could you see it being reconciled?

I wonder if it might be why he is such a grumpy sod, living with what he has done to Susebron despite having had — I suppose — such a large role in raising him.

I don’t think doing what is deemed right for the greater good and still caring about the victim to be necessarily mutually exclusive, just terribly difficult to handle after all is said and done.

Still; I’m talking here as per the question on the assumption that it is true that he does in fact care. It was obvious that Siri didn’t understand everything that was going on in that conversation, despite her otherwise increasing prowess at managing these people. She could have read the situation very wrong and it might be that the Priests are still utter bastards. 😛

4) We’re so far through the book now, and the War has yet to come. Do you (still?) see it as inevitable, or do you think that it may yet be headed off?

I think it may be headed off, albeit at some awesome last moment. Two armies lined up across a battlefield, with Viveena somehow riding in wielding Nightblood and calling the whole thing off… or something.

I haven’t thought it through very well beyond having that image, at least part inspired by what Lightsong saw in one of the paintings.

What I am rather certain of, is something happening to prevent Susebron and Siri’s plans of revealing themselves. Any time a plan seems perfect but there is some mandatory time-delay before they can put it into action? Always, always something will come up.

I guarantee it! ((Or your money back!))

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