Welcome to Week Three of the Warbreaker Group Read! 🙂 This week Amanda posed the questions to the group and she gave us some interesting ones to go along with a rather interesting section!

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Please note that if you have not yet read Warbreaker, that there will be spoilers in these posts. Part Three covers Chapter Twenty-Four through to the end of Chapter Thirty-Four.

1. Lightsong is beginning to remember his past, or at least, what he thinks is his past. Why do you think this knowledge is coming to him now, after five years as a Returned?

Assuming their memory works even remotely like ours, it seems to be because events are triggering his memories. At least initially. The crime scene brought to the fore instinctual level responses which he acted upon which in turn triggered more.

Given the rather sequestered existence he had while trying to build up his reputation as being, ‘divinely useless’ the chances of him having encountered a crime scene that triggered these responses would have been very low to say the least.

However, now that he does know, he has been quite actively investigating what he knew from before.

I do wonder though if ‘Scoot’ might be right in that finding out details of his past life will not do him any good.

2. In this section, Viveena has learned a lot about herself, and not necessarily to her liking. How do you think the new knowledge will change her going forward?

Survival is an exceptionally strong motivating force, so I don’t think that Viveena should be blaming herself quite so harshly as she is, however it’s clear that she isn’t ready to see things that way quite yet.

So I wonder then if she won’t fall into a bit of a depression while simultaneously accepting what needs to be done. Heck, we’ve seen strong indications of that already.

Her capture at the end of the section however may throw a spanner in the works on this, it’s harder to predict how she might react. Anger, fear, both?

Both is what I suspect, and hopefully she’ll use that to put to use what Denth taught her — however basic that information may have been — and use her abilities to escape!

3. From the beginning of the book, both the Idrians and Lightsong have been telling us that the Returned aren’t Gods, and that the Hallendren religion is untrue. Now, though, we’ve had a few other different perspectives: Jewels’ vehement faith in the God King, the God King’s own belief in his divinity, and finally, Hoid’s collection of historical stories. Given the new information, have your ideas about religion in this book changed? How do you view it now?

No, I still don’t think they’re divine beings, nothing in the story has changed my opinion on that. However they may well have a touch of divinity. But perhaps it’s time to clarify a little more why that is.

This could be considered rather spoilerish for the greater Cosmere, ((Brandon Sanderson’s universe which all his adult fiction takes place in)) so I’m going to white it out. Select the text to read.

Adonalsium is the name given to the original power of creation in the Cosmere. For reasons (as yet) unexplained, it shattered into shards at some point in the past. Some worlds in the universe ended up containing one (or more!) of the Shards of Adonalsium which then began to create life with aspects of its own nature. Each Shard has it’s own nature (for example, Ruin, Preservation, Honour). 

The Holder of a Shard becomes very much like a God although imperfectly so and often over time becomes to share the nature of the Shard they hold. Occasionally these Shards can further be broken into Slivers, reducing each’s individual power and in some cases breaking magic as it had been understood to work on that world.

It’s important to note however that the use of Magic on a world possessing a Shard does not entail the user to him- or herself to be the Shardholder, and in the case of Warbreaker I don’t think we’ve yet seen who the Shardholder is, I don’t think it is the Godking even, and thus my belief that he nor the other Returned are themselves Divine.

Also, yay for seeing Hoid again! 😀

4. Denth says, “Every man is a hero in his own story.” What do you make of this, especially given Denth and Vasher’s apparent rivalry, and Vivenna and Siri’s different perspectives of life in Hallendren and the Gods’ court?

Denth is perhaps one of the most interesting characters in the story right now — along with Vasher, of course — and this seems to be reinforced each and every time he opens his mouth to say something remotely serious!

This particular comment says to me that as angry as Denth is with Vasher, he at some level understands what Vasher’s goal is. It’s possible they worked toward it together toward it until their methods took too divergent a path. I’m unsure how this would be, since Vasher does seem to keep his killing to a minimum.

The other possibility I see is that Denth used to be… shall we say, not quite so good a man as he appears to be now, and there are certainly hints to indicate that this was the case, or at least that Denth believes it to be so.

Perhaps some action during his time in the army that at the time he saw as being Heroic and later repulsed him. I can’t wait to read on and find out more!

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