I am thoroughly pissed off at Amazon UK right now, and I suppose it’s only to be expected from such a monopolistic company but even so it’s just not on.

So I had a gift voucher to spend and gleefully ordered the new Song of Ice and Fire boxset. When it arrived I tore open the polythene only to find that the corners were a bit bashed.. Oh well, I thought, it happens. Then I noticed a tear in a corner. Hell no.

So I jumped on Amazon and contacted customer service who sent out a replacement.

Fast forward to Wednesday and it arrived speedily and well packaged. Good. That’s good service. I opened the box tentatively and examined the box before unwrapping the polythene and lo and behold, another fucking tear.

This is ridiculous. So Amazon has some dodgy stock in their warehouse and they want to get rid of it. The majority of Brits won’t complain because hey, we’re Brits, it’s not the done thing right? But when somebody complains about crap stock, you do not send them an equally poor replacement because that’s how you piss people off and start to lose customers.

I’ve already got to drive off to some other village to drop off this original one at a collect point which is stupid.. but what now? I want the boxset. But I bought it as a collector’s item and would prefer if Amazon would quit being douchecanoes and actually *gasp* stay true to their word. Too much to ask for. I know. Just not sure how to go about this now. Arg.