Things to achieve during the rest of Cataclysm! I did one of these towards the end of Wrath and was actually very successful with it. However, seeing as I don’t play WoW as much as I used to, I decided to try a two tier system. The things I would really, really like to achieve being tier 1, the things that I would love to achieve but perhaps won’t have time for being tier 2, and anything else coming into tier 3. If I can complete tier 1 and at least start on tier 2, I’ll be very very happy with myself come Mists!
Thanks to Aralossen (Achievements Ahoy) for the idea.. several months ago. xD

Tier 1

  • Help with recruitment for Harvest Moon EU, raider-folk as well as socials – ongoing
  • Also help with arranging things to do for the Moonies during the next couple of months – ongoing
  • Transfer Priest over to Harvest Moon – complete!
  • Collect the rest of the pets on Priest – ongoing
  • Level Mage to 85 – complete!
  • Gear Mage from 5 mans and LFR as much as possible – ongoing
  • Work on a few achievements and mount farming on Seithir – ongoing

Tier 2

  • Gear Priest and Death Knight from LFR, Soupy needs a second weapon – started
  • Level Warlock and Paladin to 85 finally
  • Archaeology achievements on Priest – started
  • Transmog sets – started
  • Make sure professions are maxed out on Soupy and Mage – started

Tier 3

  • Gear Hunter, Warlock, Paladin
  • Level any other class and work on having optimal gold making professions – started
  • Start making some gold on Ghostlands – ongoing
  • PvP a bit for achievements