Fairy Metal Thunder Read-Along and Scavenger Hunt

Fairy Metal Thunder Read-Along & Scavenger Hunt hosted by In the Closet with a Bibliophile, Reading the Paranormal, Tina’s Book Reviews and The Unread Reader.

1. At the beginning of the story, the Assorted Zebras are just a garage band, but they are expecting to make it big. Who knows, you just might find yourself at one of their concerts someday. Until then, show me your favorite concert t-shirt. It could be a picture of a concert you actually attended or a pic of a vintage tee of your favorite band. Be sure to tell me the story behind the tee.

Oh this is hard. I don’t have any images because I haven’t attended any gigs or concerts since I was a kid. (Simple Plan, anybody?!) My favourite band is Foo Fighters for sure but the image that comes to mind, though I myself am not really a Pink Floyd fan, is this gorgeous print we bought for Dan’s brother’s birthday:

2. Jason’s mom forces him to agree to do some yard work for Mrs. Dullahan, which wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t rumored to be a witch. Tell me about the worst chore you were ever forced to do. Who make you do it? Bonus points if you have a picture to share of you doing the dirty work.

You’re all going to hate me, I suspect, but I grew up spoiled and still am to this day. I’ve never been ‘forced’ to do any horrid chores, so I’ll have to go with doing the wasteage at work. When an item reaches its’ best before date, we have to take it off of the shelf and bin it however we also have to recycle so the food has to go in clear bags and the packaging in a separate bin. One evening, the wasteage wasn’t done so I had to do it the next day. Let’s just say many many pots of Müller Rice Pudding in those clear plastic bags..

3. Uh oh! There seems to be a jewelry thief in the neighborhood. Have you have had anything stolen from you? Or have you ever lost something precious? Did you ever find it? Make a Reward if Found poster for the stolen or lost item. Convince us to find it for you. Make the reward good!

Oddly enough, yes. I have had a beloved piece of jewellery stolen from my very wrist and it was one of the deciding factors in why I no longer drink, especially excessively in bars and clubs. See, I have an obsession with charm bracelets. I think they are utterly fantastic pieces of jewellery and I love them.. so my previous boyfriend bought me a silver one and occasionally we’d add charms to it. I always wore it. One night we went to a club we regularly went to, I would have been dancing away to whatever silly 80s music was on at the time until he wanted to do shots. So after the tequila came back up (yum yum..) I noticed a cheapy bracelet was snapped on my wrist and oh lordy, where had my charm bracelet gone? We only ever found the little padlock.

4. In Faerie, Jason declares himself as Jason the Guy Who Wants That Necklace Back. Weird, but then again every name has a meaning. What does your name mean? What is the origin? Do you go by any kind of nicknames? How did you get that nickname?

My name is Hebrew in origin and means ‘graced by God‘. I always found it pretty boring because I’m an atheist, or at least not Christian, however it is a palindrome which is kinda fun. Once.. you know.. everybody stopped with, “Oh my god! Did you know your name is the same backwards as forwards?!” Nooo! Really?!

As for nicknames, these days just Han or Hannah. Oh, I tell a lie, I also have Jaedia but that’s an internet pseudonym rather than a nickname. It means nothing, it’s just something I named a character and it stuck.

5. When Jason gets home from his all night adventures through Fairy, his parents unfairly ground him for a month! Care to share a time you were grounded by your parents for no good reason?

*blushes and mumbles* I’ve never been grounded. In fact, I may have been once. But I can’t remember why as I was 5 years old and I’m fairly sure I requested the grounding.. I was most definitely a weird child. But no, I was a good little girl.