Summer in DiscworldWhen I noticed the Summer in Discworld reading challenge, you might think I’d go all “What?! Another Pratchett challenge! This must not be!” But alas, I joined it. I am now taking part in two Pratchett reading challenges, one of which I am hosting, because he is that awesome. The great part about this Summer challenge? The Going Postal read-along! See.. I’m one of those people who could not read Pratchett out of order and err.. I still am. However, I jumped into the read-along and I’m absolutely loving it so far despite already knowing the story from the Sky One mini series. So, my answers to the questions for week one.

1) For those new to Pratchett or Going Postal, what are your first impressions?  For re-readers, is anything striking you this time that you didn’t notice on a first read?

I am neither new to Pratchett or Going Postal but I’m also not a re-reader. This is my first time reading Going Postal, but I have watched the Sky One mini series as mentioned above. As such, every side character in my head is John Cleese, and everybody else is as they were in the series. Andrew Sacks as Groat? I can deal with that! I do have to say, however, that I’m always struck with how bloody well-written Pratchett’s novels are. No matter how many times I picked one up, it always strikes me.

2) We’ve started to get to know our protagonist, Moist von Lipvig, by now.  What are your thoughts on him so far?

Lipwig is .. well.. that’s a good question. I like him but it’s most definitely not for his moral compass, assuredly not. He is a bit of a scallywag though and we all love a troublemaker. Deep down, he seems to be a decent chap.

3) We’ve also met quite a few rather unusual supporting characters.  Who are you most looking forward to reading more about?

Mr. Pump! God I love Mr. Pump. And the guys that live on the roof.

4) What are your favorite quotes or moments from this section of the book?

The one that stands out in my memory is certainly, “See a pin, pick it up, all day long you’ll have a pin.” It just made me giggle. Though there are several moments that have actually made me laugh out loud and it’s rare for a book to do that to me. I did also like the mental image of Mr. Pump carrying Lipwig in one hand and a fricking horse in the other, that was actually fantastic.

“That, sir? Wart cure. Wonderful stuff. Very natural, not like the stuff a doctor’d give you.”
Moist sniffed at the pot. “What’s it made of?”
“Arsenic, sir,” said Groat calmly.
“Very natural, sir,” said Groat. “And green.”

So far, I’m enjoying Going Postal immensely and though I have other reading to do, I was really quite sad when I had to put it down for the time being to get back to the other read-along book I’m reading as well as something else for the read-a-thon I’m taking part in at the moment. I am curious to hear what the non-Brits think of it so far? I know there’s a lot of British humour that perhaps you may not understand. Does it affect your enjoyment of the book at all?