Summer in Discworld

1) Pratchett has done some lavish setting descriptions by now, notably the Post Office but also rooms at Unseen University, and other places around Ankh-Morpork.  What’s your favorite one?

DEFINTELY the Unseen University. I adore magic school and the Unseen University is so dark, stuck in its’ ways and .. argh! I love it. Especially the idea that all wizards have skull candles and crocodiles hanging from their ceilings and the idea that the wizard Moist meets wears a fake beard because “it gets too hot in the summer”.

2) In Chapter 7, Moist waxes poetic about the personal nature of letters versus clacks.  This could easily be looked at as email and other online communication versus paper letters.  Do you agree with Moist, or does he exaggerate?  And just for fun, what’s the best piece of paper mail you ever got?

I kind of do agree. Nothing beats getting a letter, seeing a person’s handwriting and their taste in stationary.. I’m weird, I know I am, but I always enjoy that part of receiving a letter. However, email and such is so convenient it’s hard to argue against it. I like both in equal measure. Of course he exaggerates, he’s using his people skills to get the postmen on his side else he’ll be dead all over again.

Oh I don’t know. I used to have penpals when I was a kid and that was a lot of fun, and sometimes with swaps we’ll plop in little cards and letters but nothing especially stands out in my memory.

3) Share your favorite quotes and moments from this section of Going Postal.

If I’m really honest.. I kind of found myself getting bored reading this section and I can’t work out why. There are a few reasons I can think of.. perhaps I’m not entirely in the right reading mood for it at the moment, perhaps it’s the apathy that came along with this current bout of depression, could be the fact that I already know the story from the mini-series or maybe I’m not entirely bothered about this particular book? I don’t know, but I managed to read this chunk for the read-along either way.

The postman’s walk though. Gotta be.