I keep mentioning how exhausted I am and all it’s doing is getting worse. I go into work, spend 7 hours running around after customers pretty much non-stop (half hour break not included in this analogy), come home and am pretty much dead on my feet.

Speaking of my feet: OW. I spent a few months wearing shoes that were too slim for my wide feet and now they pretty much always hurt, especially when I’m on them so much. I’m now wearing some old black skater shoes just to make sure I don’t completely cripple myself.

But back to work. That’s 7 hours (or 6 and a half) of smiling, pretending to give a shit, doing everything team leaders tell you to do which is often too much, putting up with customers who refuse to smile back or acknowledge humour, putting up with customers who’ll happily interrupt you whilst you’re serving or helping other customers, dealing with utter douchenozzles, and not to mention the utter lack of air conditioning in the shop. We have two mini-units behind the tills but they barely help. It’s busy. It’s hard. It’s heavy. And it’s exhausting me already.

I can’t cope with the hours I’m getting but I’m really worried that I’ll be seen further as useless and perhaps even get myself a mark on my reference. I know that most likely won’t happen, but while I’m this exhausted my depression’s going into overdrive with a little paranoia with it. Bring on September.. and the end of the Summer holidays with it.