Long time no see. So I’ve been raiding the Steam sales, getting all excited for Guild Wars 2, and in the meantime I’ve got back into WoW. I had a random urge to play a lowbie Warrior, so I did just that and enjoyed relaxing with an alt and guild chat so much that I picked my Draenei Mage back up. Now I have offered to help Mr. Reliq recruit some and I’m yet again considering moving my Priest over. The Priest who has been a Blood Elf since early TBC. Who I’ve done almost everything with since then. The idea of race changing her is a difficult one because she is a Blood Elf Shadow Priest to me, but the only place I want to be is Harvest Moon which is where my friends are. ((Incidentally, if you’re on EU servers and interested in joining a relaxing, cheerful little guild with plans for casual raiding and achievement runs and such, do get in touch!!)) I had a little think and I checked out how she might look. It’s looking like Human would be the winning race for Seithir if she joined the Blue Team.

See, I don’t RP with her. She has no backstory. But even so I have an idea of her. She’s a Blood Elf, and we all know what Blood Elves are like. Vain.. Obsessed with magic.. Perhaps a little up themselves and bitchy? That’s the idea I have of Seithir anyway. Well then she’s most definitely not a Draenei, as much as the waggle is the sex, and she is also firmly a Shadow Priest so doesn’t particularly suit Night Elf either which leaves Human. I think she could suit Human.

My last problem is that I’ve always played her with Dan’s Paladin. My first guild on my Priest was Capo, where the first guild instance I did was with Dan. If I separated my Priest from his Paladin, I would not enjoy playing her. From the moment we met and he called me an idiot, we’ve played together on these characters. We were on these characters when we decided to meet, and when we moved guilds together. Sure, we’ve been in separate guilds before, and the changes in Mists will mean we could still play together cross-server but not cross-faction. So while I believe I have made a decision on which race she belongs in on the Blue Team, it still kind of depends on what Dan decides to do in the next couple of weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’d really like to put her in Harvest Moon. The first guild I’ve felt a real sense of loyalty to.