Wooee! This past week I’ve got quite a lot done. We worked out the terrible lag issue I was having (we switched the USB wireless thingies and I’m fine now, doesn’t seem to affect Dan so much) which is fantastic even if I did miss Bastion of Twilight because I physically couldn’t play. *sob* Will definitely plan a run of that again at some point.


The big news of the week is my Priest’s successful faction change and transfer to Human and Ghostlands. I was terrified after some bad race change experiences in the past and what with Seithir being the character I’m most attached to but in the end I adored it. I spent ages squeeing over my changed mounts and getting on with Darkmoon Faire dailies and doing a couple of instances. I didn’t realise she could still benefit from Valor Point gear!

I also finally got the Sea Pony on her and the Darkmoon Turtle. Decided to speed up the DMF pet gaining process by also doing the dailies on my Mage and Death Knight though I’ve been slacking with Soup. My Mage, however, got the Darkmoon Cub so that’s 3 more down and I might be able to get one more tomorrow. I’m still undecided between the monkey and the balloon.. I’m not a big monkey fan.


Well we’ve really done well with our levelling in the past week! (SPEED LEVELLING! WOO!) We were just starting Wrath content this time last week but at the time of writing this post we’re very close to 83 which is amazing. I can’t wait to finally be 85 and able to get on with working on the LFR Time Lord set for transmog in the future. Any help obtaining that one appreciated!


I’ve worked on Jaedia’s professions as much as I’ve had time for. The economy on Ghostlands is a bit worse for wear but I’m struggling along. Enchanting is up to 382, just hoping Infinite Dust becomes less than 12g a piece soon. Starting to regret snubbing it at 9g a piece on Twitter earlier. And Jewelcrafting is up to 100 which allowed me to do the Darkmoon Faire Jewelcrafting quest. Okay, so 105 then. I don’t believe I’ve touched Soupy’s professions the past week but there’s a bit of ore and dust floating around after all of the transfers recently.


Brought over 50k and a few bits to sell when I transferred! So this is on the rise though I’m no where near ready to start getting back into the market properly. Having close to 60k gold is nice though.


Dan’s transferred his Paladin over and a mutual friend seems to be planning to bring his over as well. Also, Reliq seems to be a little scared of poor little Soupy. She only wanted a hug!

A Sidenote

I just found my bucket list summary from just before Cataclysm hit and it made me a little sad. I had achieved so much at this point and I was so very excited for the prospect of Cataclysm and I ended up so disappointed that I don’t think I hit many of the new goals I had set at all. It’s a shame but I’d like to keep my goals realistic and maintain a calm enjoyment of Mists with an awesome group of people. That is, after all, my main goal in this game.