The past week in Jae’s world.


I invited a social who’s pretty friendly and sent another guy over to the forums to apply as a raider. I also invited a friend of Dan’s as a social. Doing good! It would be nice if folk who portrayed interest in joining to raid would actually apply when sent to the forums but hey ho. We’ll get there.

And just a note: If you happen to be looking for a friendly and mature (well.. as mature as can be) guild for either social players or casual raiders on Alliance EU then please do check out Harvest Moon! I promise we’re lovely and a lot of fun.

Stuff to Do:

Naxx run a-go-go. We ran Naxx on Monday night and it was a lot of fun despite myself running on the spot most of the run. I believe the others went ahead to Sarth 10 3D and Malygos afterwards but I had to call it a night there. Next week we’ll be running Bastion of Twilight!


Well I completed Blasted Lands quests which was cool but still no progress on transferring. I spent a while worrying I’ll end up quitting if I do it and Dan decides he really doesn’t want to, then I remembered how much I just want to play with the Moonies and started worrying over money issues. I’d very much like to move her for the Bastion run in the week.


Myself and Ethan (Steve? Ys? :p) did a lot of levelling! Sometimes we’ll just group up and chat while we quest at the same time. We can’t quest together being cross realm but that’s not a problem. We’re still levelling together which is the fun part, and I prefer questing solo anyway. Other times we’ll queue up for dungeons, kick some arse while singing songs. I’ll lag like mad (which is annoying but eh) and we’ll ding away. We’ll be up to LFR to get my LFR Time Lord set in no time.. gawd I want that set for transmog. *fingers crossed* But yes, we’ve made it upto Wrath level content now which is awesome and I have finally out-levelled my Horde Mage too. I’ve been working on her Enchanting and I think she’s going to become my Jewelcrafter on Ghostlands.


I have actually made a start on gold making again. Though I have very limited resources at the moment, I’ll auction anything I can, work out what’s good for transmog sales and what’s best to just disenchant based on prices. I’ve been selling what I make to skill up with and working on skilling up professions too. Though it’s a slightly weird one, I’ve decided to keep Enchanting on my Mage and Death Knight despite moving my Enchanting/Tailoring Priest over soon because then I am guaranteed to have a disenchanter for quests and dungeon runs. I’d like to move my Paladin over some time as well as she has all of the currently available glyphs for Inscription and then I need to work on levelling Alchemists, a gathering character, a Jewelcrafter and at some point a Leatherworker as well.