With my Mage finally 85, my next priority is to work through achievements and collect those last few pets I never quite got. This means hammering the old Archaeology and oh god are there any mods I can grab? I mean of course I already have Archy which makes the life of an Archaeologist so much simpler but is there anything else? I did find a few bits and pieces that actually made me squee a little bit with their usefulness.

For those who don’t know of Archy, it looks a little like this.

It tells you where your next digsites are, what you are working on and how many more fragments you need, when to solve an artifact, you can double click to survey and if you have TomTom as well it uses the waypoint arrow. I’ve been using this one since the start of Cataclysm it is fantastic.

But I’m always having to check between the map and the flight plans to see where I need to go next, which is why I tend to manually fly everywhere and then I bump into Hyjal and start angrily grumbling about this stupid high place in the middle of all the Night Elf digsites. In comes Homing Digeon.

This one highlights the closest flight point to each of your digsites and my word is it helpful! It’s such a great mod for lazy people like me to plop myself on a flight plan and alt tab to check my reader, write a blog post or waddle off to plop a pizza in the oven.

And while I’m in the area, wouldn’t it be wonderful to know where to go to pick up BoE recipes that might sell for a little on the auction house? After all, we all need gold. While installing GatherMate2 to make life easier for my Druid and my future Camel farming, I came across RecipeProfit which tells you where certain NPCs are in the zone you’re in and which recipe they sell. This one is going to make me a lot of on the side gold.

As I’m working on achievements and my pet and mount collections while I’m doing Archaeology, I wanted a mod which would show every artifact for each race, which achievement the artifact might be for and how many times I’ve completed it. Artifact Finder is absolutely perfect for this.

And I also wanted to try out Rarity which takes account of how many times you’ve tried for a certain rare item and thus how lucky you are with that item. I won’t likely keep this one but it’s a bit of fun for now.

I also picked up Steve’s MogIt addon – Highlighter. It pretty much highlights when an item on your MogIt wishlist pops up.

So my Archaeology has become a bit easier to follow now but you still might find me somewhere in Stranglethorn Vale going insane in the middle of a digsite.