Clock Rewinders is the brain-child of Tara from 25-Hour Books and Amanda from On A Book Bender, showcasing the past week on the blog, in the blogosphere, books, the weird and the wonderful.

I didn’t do a Clock Rewinders post last Sunday because I’ve been feeling so stressed and exhausted so this week’s will sum up the past two weeks. My incoming will be in a Showcase Sunday post as I may have bought a few recently.. Stress relief. You know. *cough*

The Past (Two) Weeks at Once Upon A Time

Week One

Week Two

Around The Blogosphere
Not Quite The Blogosphere
  • It was a couple of weeks ago now that the film trailer for Cloud Atlas was released but it wowed me so much that I had to make sure you guys have seen it. This is proof that you should never judge a book by its’ cover because I’ve always assumed Cloud Atlas was one of those life-changing, depressing contemporary novels but lo-and-behold it’s actually 6 different stories exploring how history is constantly repeating itself. It’s a historical, a contemporary, and a futuristic dystopian all in one and I nabbed a copy of the book as soon as I was able. And will be seeing this movie. Watch the trailer!!
  • I love this ‘If You Liked The Hunger Games‘ flowchart which helps you to choose your next read.
  • It has been confirmed that The Hobbit will now be a trilogy as opposed to the originally planned two movies. Geek-squee!!
My (Two) Weeks

I’ve started a personal blog which I haven’t had chance to update in the past week, and I’ve also blogged a little on my gaming blog as I am focusing a fair bit on gaming at the moment. When I’m exhausted I turn to gaming and I’ve really been playing a lot of WoW before the new expansion comes out.

Search Terms
  • alice in steampunk land – your wish is my command.
  • ice t inside the crips complete forward – I don’t get it…
  • seal cheeks – …
  • steampunk girl trains – choo choo
  • wishbone, 20000 leagues under the sea – oh my god I loved Wishbone!
  • what happens at the end of glass houses book – Christ. Go read it.
What Am I Reading?

Finished: Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

Started: FrostFire by Zoë Marriott

What Next?  I don’t know! There are so many!

I’ve been so stressed and not with it lately that I haven’t read much at all in the past couple of weeks.