All those times you guys told me to take a break from blogging and I said I didn’t need it? Now I do. And I’m taking your advice. My mental health is holding me back too much and I need to take a step back until I feel a little more refreshed and at ease. I may post the odd review here and there when the mood strikes me, after all I do have 5 read books that are needing to be reviewed, but I will be reading for myself for a while, if I ever manage to get away from this stopping and starting new books constantly. I’m just struggling to focus on one thing at a time right now. I want to read some books that take me away and make me smile.

In the meantime, of course review requests shall have to close up. I am looking for guest posts, guest reviews, giveaways and so on if anybody would like to help me keep my blog running as I know my co-blogger is too busy at the moment. I shan’t be able to come up with any interview questions but anything else goes. I don’t have it in me to think too much at the moment and I know I owe a couple of lovelies interviews so no more please. I’m happy to host friends who’d like to help (any post, any topic), bloggers, authors, publicists.. whoever may have something for me. I will pay you in love and huggles.

Hopefully work quietens down come September when all the kids have gone back to school, the upcoming games I’ll be playing take me away from the stress ((Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft’s new expansion for those curious)), and my mental health gets a little more.. healthy so that I can happily come back to a regular schedule.

Huge apologies to any emails I haven’t replied to recently! I hope you understand that I haven’t been ignoring you, but if you’d like to try me again for a guest post of some kind I’ll be happy to oblige as some of your requests made me smile and books sounded wonderful.

I’m also in the market for a co-blogger. With myself and my current co-blogger being so busy, as little as one post a week would be amazing. Even better if you’re based in the UK, I may be able to share review books with you in that case but if not, no worries. Let me know if you’re interested and we can have a little chat.

I will be back, so don’t unfollow me just yet. Promise. 🙂 See you soon. *wave*

PS. If you’re interested in following my gaming antics, my other Twitter account can be found at @jaedia and my gaming blog, if I bother at all, is at Jaedia’s Menagerie. And in non-gaming, you might occasionally catch me at Doggies and Bookshelves and Games, Oh My!