I like Theramore’s Fall. I quite enjoyed this quick burst of new but easy content with this epic twist of lore, story explained or no. I did it hating the Horde, scared for Jaina and excited to be so close to more of this: new content!!

Okay so the loading screen itself looks very much like something you see zoning into a battleground in my honest opinion but it was new and shiny and it told me that new things were loading up and that is much cause for excitement!

And sure, at this point the scenario bugged on us meaning that once we’d killed the boss we didn’t get progress for the “protect Jaina” part, but it did allow me to take this awesome screenshot and eh Spongeflaps snuck into the picture. Damn you Flaps trying to steal a moment in the spotlight!

Overall.. the music made me swoon. The brief exchange between Jaina and the Orc Guy gave me chills. And hey, random pointless loot and a nice little tabard? Yes please.

At the end of the day, this is not a pre-expansion event, it is a brief look at what scenarios will be like and at that it is successful. Just perhaps needed a little testing before it was thrown out there given the amount of bugs people have been having! Remember what’s important.

That’s right, Jae’s achievements. 😉