As previously mentioned many times, I am currently a little absent from the blog. I have a to-do list as listed below, but I doubt I’ll get around to doing everything if anything.

  • CULL reader. Tidy it enough to be manageable.
  • Sort out blogroll. List all the people I want to list AND update the sidebar blogroll too.
  • Perhaps trim the sidebar where possible.
  • Rewrite the review policy to be shorter so people are less likely to skip it but still include necessary information.
  • Take a look at the Bloggiesta challenges and see if anything is relevant to my blog’s needs.

I think what I’d really like to take away from Bloggiesta is a bit of community spirit, a few tips dotted around the blogosphere, and additions to the to-do list from the challenges. I did not participate in the last Bloggiesta but I did on the other hand create a massive to-do list and I got a lot done on the blog using that and would like to do something similar this time as well.

Are you guys taking part? Any interesting goals I can steal? 😉 Say hello! I’d like to check out a few of your blogs too.