Autumn Bloggiesta is a-gogo. Occurring from 28th til 30th September, chances are I will be completely absent at this point because well.. Mists of Pandaria is released on the 25th but there’s no harm in signing up and aiming to at least do something, right?

I’m actually very happy with my blog as it is at the moment and my main aims are in putting more love into my posts and being better at keeping up on my reader. I also desperately need to have a massive clear out in my reader which is likely to take me a matter of days as I’d like to go over each blog incase I’m removing a real gem, you know? I would like to be a better hub for indie authors and traditionally published authors alike, but I think overall I’m very happy with my blog as a whole. The design, the pages, the content.. so I shall look over the challenges and see what I perhaps haven’t thought of myself!

Not signed up yet? Why not? It’s a bit of fun and you might learn a thing or two. You are not obligated to participate in anything, just whatever you are able. Click the button at the top for the sign up post and I’ll see you there. 🙂