Having been working on my Bucket List and progressing nicely, I have a few more things that I’d like to MoP up before the Mists part. Har har.

Tier 1

  • Banks and bags need to be cleared and tidied! My bank alt is trying to shift a lot of crap that isn’t budging, this needs to be passed on, vendored, disenchanted. Got rid of. Alts need bank space for new profession and transmog items, as does the main. I shall have to make use of brutality to tidy up things that I won’t need, and Void Storage where needed.
  • Seithir still has quests in her log. These need to be completed and cleared up. The only quest I want left in my log when Mists comes is the one for the Firelands legendary staff because there’s no way I’ll complete that in time, and maybe a few dailies to hand in if we can still do that.
  • Dailies as frequently as possible. Trying to get Just Another Day in Tol Barad as for some reason that completely reset when I faction changed (only needed one before) and the drake. Molten Front I’m trying my hardest to get the achievements (only need 5 more), two pets I’m missing (bear and lasher) and the hippogryph. Argent Tournament for many mounts I never bothered with but my word I can rarely be arsed. Frenzyheart I need the exalted for 70 exalteds. And cooking and fishing for Bunch of Lunch and Gone Fishin’ and my last few Cataclysm cooking recipes.
  • LFR Dragon Soul on my Mage. I’ve been very good in doing this but it’s slowly killing me inside. Only a couple more weeks’ worth.. I can do it.
  • Professions! My Priest is after Iron Chef so I’m trying to get as many missing recipes as I can and should be able to get 199/200 before Mists assuming I remember to do my cooking dailies, then I’ll need 41 more for the next tier of that achievement. My Death Knight still needs to max out Enchanting and Blacksmithing and my Mage her Jewelcrafting which I’ll hopefully focus on pretty darn soon in Mists because I really want to have a nice source of income. Hey, I want my Yak, okay?

Tier 2

  • I started a Hunter. Yes, another one. I cannot *sadface* afford to transfer one of my two over, especially seeing as my priority is on Paladin and no still can’t afford it, so I started a new one. There’s a lot of fun items and transmog gear and professions I’m missing out on by starting anew but alas. Faelysia the Draenei Hunter is taking names and kicking arse and she’s just a bit awesome. She made it to 40 in two days and honestly? She really could be closing in on 55 today if I’d played her yesterday. Trying to level her as quickly as I can because I really want to have a Hunter alt to enjoy in Mists. I miss them! In the meantime she’s currently a Herbing Alchemist, herbing only taken because herbs are freaking impossible on this server’s auction house, eventually it’ll be dropped for Engineering as my Druid is my gathering alt.
  • Speaking of, need to level my Druid and her Herbing and Mining.
  • Limnologist and Oceanographer on my Priest. I started them yesterday following this (now quite old) guide and I’m getting pretty close to finishing.
  • Start a guild bank for my bank alt, fill it up with profession mats, lowbie levelling/transmog gear, things that will sell like hot cakes when the pandas enter the world. Ideally, I’d like to invite some noobs to level it up enough and start earning me some sneaky gold but that takes effort I don’t think I can be arsed with.
  • Molten Core and AQ40 weekly on my Priest.. well.. we’ll see. AQ40 still needs some folk for Twins (awkward fuckers that they are) and Molten Bore… yeah. But I need the reps.

I also need to get some posts written and scheduled on the book blog to ensure I don’t vanish off the face of the book blogging world for the first few weeks!

Squee I’m excited!

You guys planning any last minute pre-Mists spring cleaning?