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Hey guys! I imagine you’ve already noticed that I’m back, but if you haven’t… well… ^

It’s been a crazy summer full of stress, anxiety and depression, culminating in losing my job ((made redundant, thank god, not fired)) and rediscovering my love of MMO gaming but finally I’ve found enough of my mojo to pick up blogging once more and enjoy myself. Right now I feel like promoting some great fiction, reading a giant epic fantasy and a few of the indie lovelies on my Kindle so I’m doing just that. I’m back to being pretty much skint, sadly, but hey ho.

The Past Week at Once Upon A Time
Around The Blogosphere
  • Kelly reviewed Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay and convinced me once and for all that I need to read this one. I’d become a little curious after reading Dead on the Delta but I hadn’t really heard much about the book.
  • There has been news that Pat Rothfuss has sold a new trilogy to DAW books. Squee! Aidan at Dribble of Ink suspects that it may be a follow up trilogy to Kingkiller Chronicles but at the moment nothing has been announced. Still.. proves we’re getting close with Doors of Stone and there’ll be more from Mr. Rothfuss! 😀
  • There’s some fun going on at Bookish Brunette for the release of Pretty When She Kills including a giveaway for US/Canada folk and a video interview.
  • Ellie (the one from Curiosity Killed the Bookworm) is running a Strange Chemistry imprint international giveaway which is well worth entering!
  • And over at Fantasy Book Critic there is a guest post discussing the power of story from the lovely Rowena Cory Daniells in celebration of the launch of her new series – The Outcast Chronicles. There is also an international giveaway running for the first in the series, Besieged.
My Week

Has mostly been spent gaming and a little reading! Guild Wars 2 came out 2 or 3 weeks back and that’s as amazing as ever, and I have a fantastic guild in World of Warcraft who do things together, have fun, and are preparing for the new expansion in a couple of weeks time. So to a lot of you that may be gibberish but I enjoy it.

I finally got the urge to actually blog, so I did, and here I am. I’ve been picking my way through Way of Kings, which is brilliant, and started on Pretty When She Kills because.. win. Basically. Pretty When She Dies was a great read and so far I’m enjoying this one even more.

We also spent an evening at the pub as a friend’s grandma died. We ended up staying a couple more hours than originally planned but it’s all good. We had a laugh and a chat.

And Tuesday was my last shift at work. It dragged and dragged.. but I was quite sad to leave. I’ve spent a lot of time with these people over the past 6 months and as much as my mental health is thanking me now, I’ll miss them. And having money in my bank account.

Search Terms
  • book review once upob a time – I read this as ‘once ubob a time’ and giggled.
  • big eliza dushku pictures – Why big pictures? Is this some kind of bizarre fetish?
  • chick lit fuck oh – Yes, dear.
What Am I Reading?

Finished: Nothing.

Started: Pretty When She Kills by Rhiannon Frater

What Next?  We’ll see.

I’m really hoping to read a few indie books and a few of my own books at the moment. I don’t need to be stressing myself out with a hobby.



Thank you lovelies! Both are now on my Kindle.

Physical Books