Clock Rewinders is the brain-child of Tara from 25-Hour Books and Amanda from On A Book Bender, showcasing the past week on the blog, in the blogosphere, books, the weird and the wonderful.

The Past Week at Once Upon A Time
I already have plenty of content pre-scheduled for the coming week. There won’t be a Clock Rewinders (I presume) but do check up on the content there’s a couple of giveaways and some amazing guest posts!
Around The Blogosphere
  • Let’s start this week with A.M. Harte’s Eleven Rules For Editing Fiction. I’m finally starting to write my novel and as such, posts like this help to give me a grasp on what I’m doing. I spent many weeks reading every writing tip I could and taking part in NaNoWriMo and such but you never stop learning.
  • 9 Great Urban Fantasy Series You Don’t Want To Miss. This post I shall be taking as my bible for a bit. Okay, no, but I always lap up any recommendations.
  • I really like The Last Days site. Andy Dickenson will actually be guest posting here in a couple of weeks time but thought I’d share this with you, you can check out a preview and such.
  • Abigail Gibbs was on BBC Breakfast! Aww she’s such a sweetie. Can’t wait to read her book. Just wish I’d held out for a paperback having seen how gorgeous they are.
  • A new participant in Cover Lover. Yay! 😀
  • Amanda went off on one this week telling us How Not to Make Friends on Twitter. Ye’ old grump. *huggles* Seriously though, agree with this post. But I do ask Twitter, cus Twitter does know everything. 😉
  • Oh lookie! An unlimited Debut Author Reading Challenge for 2013. Thought I’d share this one, if I wasn’t going to tone down the reading challenges in 2013 I’d so join it.
  • Important edit: I forgot to add in Amanda’s EXTREMELY informative Facebook post about all the Feedburner fuss. Read it. It’s very important that you understand what is going on before you jump to conclusions. I shared it on my blog’s Facebook page, but if you don’t follow me there I urge you to please read it.
My Week

Ugghh… we signed back on this week. Did you know they’re really cracking down? It doesn’t matter if there are no jobs, you have to check Job Center website, local papers, ask around, Monster etc. and if you don’t actually contact anything you get a sanction on your claim. No matter if you think the job wouldn’t have been suitable, sanction. It’s all the system now. They’re trying to kick people off benefits and there’s nothing the Job Center folk themselves can do about it. Starting to worry me because there really aren’t many jobs..

I’ve also been antsing for the new WoW expansion to release and Torchlight II which I can’t afford.

Search Terms
  • i’m exhausted – welcome to my world.
  • hannah once upon a time reviews – hello! That be me!
What Am I Reading?

Finished: Pretty When She Kills by Rhiannon Frater – review here
Started: In The End by Alexandra Rowland
What Next? I’m eyeing up Mystic City by Theo Lawrence



Thank you SO MUCH to Naithin for the Brent Weeks boxset. For serious it’s staring at me and demanding I read it RIGHT NOW every second of the day. The top three review books in the pile I’m also pretty stoked about, but the bottom three were unsolicited and not really my thing. Shall have to charity shop them when they’ve been officially released


The Dark Heroine I shall blame Karina for. “It’s amazing guys! Go read it right now! It’s only £1.99 for Kindle.” Godamnit! It wasn’t until after I’d bought it that I realised the hype around it and colour me impressed. Pirates, I bought book two in a daily deal a couple of months ago so when book one popped up YOINK. The Palace Job came through as a request despite requests being firmly closed but.. but.. fantasy heist with a unicorn and.. Bioware writer.. Damn. And the bottom two were on my indie wishlist which I constantly check for freebies and sales.