Here we are. The last day of Cataclysm. Finally! I’m sure you guys know that I wasn’t Cataclysm’s greatest fan. I quit for 3 months and barely played for most of it. It wasn’t until I found Harvest Moon that I fell in love with the game all over again. From what I hear, Mists will change a lot of the things that I didn’t like and I am very excited to see what’s new.

But Cataclysm wasn’t all bad. The new 1-60 quests were really cool if you stuck around long enough to see them (very difficult with current levelling speeds) and I loved that you could actually just get instance quests from inside the instances rather than traipsing around Azeroth and doing hand stands just to get a couple of dungeon quests like before. I liked the new zones before they got tedious and samey. The Molten Front dailies were actually a lot of fun and the new mounts and pets across the board were awesome. I loved the new ZG and ZA instances, despite never getting my tiger mount. And the introduction of LFR was a great one for people like myself!

I’m looking forward to exploring Pandaria with the Moonies and have been taking a look at Shadow Priest things today. We have my talent spec and glyphs here. Pre-raid gear list, followed by an example of BiS and some playstyle tips. And this MMO-C post is going to be so useful to me! I double checked my stat weights on and yes, haste is still ahead of crit and mastery by a mile. Now to double check my priority system and enjoy the goodbye Cataclysm party tonight!

Farewell Cataclysm, you won’t be missed but thanks for all the fish! *watches countdown timer eagerly*

What did you like most about Cataclysm?