So I lost my job. I haven’t posted about it so far because I have been taking a huge blogging break all across the field but last week a load of us were made redundant. The shop has been struggling all Summer and finally they just couldn’t afford to keep most of us on any more. And do you know what? I’m okay with it. The job would have been ending in a couple of months anyway and it’s going to help my mental health a little bit in the meantime. It wasn’t our manager’s fault. We ended on good terms. You know so.. not so bad. I was just sad to leave when it came down to it. My last shift was yesterday and it was weird. The shop was pretty much dead, but I was able to say goodbye to a few people. Yeah, there are people that I won’t miss in the slightest, but there are also people who I will miss a little. People who made my day a little brighter. Hell, as passive aggressive as the guy could be at times, I’ll miss my manager. I was a little sad yesterday so I cheered myself up by stopping in the library to pick up a book prescription (I know.. weird, right?) and I borrowed something for myself just because I could. Then later on we went over and had a Chinese with Matty which was delicious and a fun evening. So yes, losing your job sucks, but I’m okay with it because it’s life. This stuff happens. Somehow my messed up head understands that. 🙂