Andy Dickenson now works for ITV Meridian but in his spare time he writes. The Last Days is his debut novel set in the not too distant future and you can check out his website for a little more information and a preview. You can also find Andy and The Last Days on Twitter and Facebook.

When myself and an old school friend began coming up with ideas for a comic book more than 15 years ago I had no idea how it would change my life.

Together we wanted to create the kind of story we wanted to read. Isn’t that how it always starts? A story that excited us in the way Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Excalibur did when we were kids. A comic book that didn’t revolve around men in spandex but a couple of ordinary teenagers in an extraordinary situation.

I was the writer. He was the artist. After a while he had to draw other things and I had to get a job. But the story stuck. I just couldn’t shift it. I’d leave it alone for a while but then I’d just get sucked back into it. I travelled, wrote more, came home and found another artist, Sarah Evans – who’s illustrations you can see here – and we completed a whole issue, took it to conventions and met with DC and Marvel.

And they wouldn’t read it.

They said they loved it but it was their legal policy not to accept any submissions that didn’t involve their own characters. We were crestfallen. We couldn’t afford to self publish. So we moved on, our story languishing in a drawer while I wrote other people’s as a journalist.

But was too late for me. I couldn’t let the project go. I was hooked. I loved the characters too much, the scenario. I needed to know “what happened next?”

So I tried to write it up as a book and, truthfully, it wasn’t very good. So I gave up, started again and struggled, met a brilliant editor called Laura Atkins, deleted a hell of a lot of description, found a plot, kept going, kept deleting and kept editing. Until, finally, here it is: The Last Days.

The kind of story I want to read that excites me in the way Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Excalibur did when I was a kid.

A story about two ordinary teenagers, Tucker and Six, who are living in the last city on earth. Together, they discover a murder and, through solving it, they begin to find out how the world ended…

It’s the story I just had to write.