I thought I’d jump in on the “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?” meme, hosted by Book Journey, as I haven’t had a Sunday post for you in a couple of weeks and I’ve had a pretty nuts reading week. There will be a Sunday post this week, however. ūüôā

I finished: Meet Me at the Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan.

I picked up my copy of Cupcake Caf√© from The Works when my dad was visiting in Summer. I’d been itching to read Sweet Shop of Dreams so snapped this one up when I saw it. I finally read it because I have Christmas at the Cupcake Caf√© to read for review and I always read in order. I loved it! Shall be reviewing it soon (I hope).

I started: Hoboy.. I picked Fairy Metal Thunder by J.L. Bryan back up after putting it on hold a loong time ago. I have about half an hour’s worth of reading left in this book but I’ve been gone so long I’m a bit bemused by everything going on, but I shall finish it off soon.

I started reading Alight, K.C. Neal’s sequel to the brilliant Pyxis, but swiftly realised I wasn’t in the mood for this type of book. It starts off much better than Pyxis did, I can say that much, but my review for this one might be a little while longer. I hate writing tainted reviews and I know I’ll enjoy Alight when I’m in a more young adulty mood.

I also picked up The Awakening, the first of The Vampire Diaries books by L.J. Smith after finally finishing watching the end of series 3 and neeeding more but my word the book and the series are two completely different entities. Everything is different. Everything. The town, the characters.. Elena is a blonde, Queen of the school preppy type who cares not for others, Stefan is Italian, Jeremy doesn’t exist, instead she has a 4 year old sister, and they lost their parents 3 years previous. It’s shallow and just plain drags. Dunno how far I’ll go with this one.

So feeling lethargic and needing to read something, I finally picked up Single in the City by Michele Gorman and hit paydirt. Hannah (great name, by the way) is an American from¬†Connecticut¬†who out of the blue moves to London without a plan. She stumbles around, realising that American and British culture are very different from each other, but she makes the most of it and tries to make friends where she can. It’s interesting, well written and best of all, funny. And I also have Misfortune Cookie and The Twelve Days to Christmas to read afterwards and can’t wait.

I might read next: I’ll most likely finish off Fairy Metal Thunder and Alight before starting anything new, but we’ll see where my reading mood lies. I’ve started bringing out the tinsel to get me ready for the stash of Christmas chick lits I’ve got and may take a look at Christmas At the Cupcake Caf√© by Jenny Colgan, Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey, or A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson.