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The Past Week at Once Upon A Time

And I finally posted my entry to the BlogINK contest to my Tumblr yesterday if you’re interested in reading. I talk about the importance of fairy tales. If I don’t get through, I’ll likely post it again on Once Upon A Time. 🙂

*I turned Cover Lover into a meme of sorts this week. If you’re interested, all you have to do is pick a cover that caught your eye, make a blog post and link up!

Around The Blogosphere
  • I’m a bit late in discovering Kristilyn’s Musical Saturdays but OMG. Girl – you have a gorgeous voice. Check out Don’t Give Me No Zombies. I dare you.
  • Seems to be a musical one this week! I also wanted to share this one from A Dribble of Ink of J.R.R. Tolkien singing a song from The Hobbit. It’s so.. squee!
My Week

Nothing really worth reporting.. well. You know. Decided to lose some weight. I’ve always wanted to but really going to try now, I really want to get back to my teen weight, which wasn’t skinny but I was a lot healthier and happier. I started watching Supernatural finally, very good but it frightens me! I’m really easily scared. And I got a job interview on Wednesday. It’s going to be expensive in petrol and I have no idea how to get there or if I can avoid tolls but.. woo.

YouTube Fun

I spent pretty much my entire night last night on YouTube because I’d got into one of those “don’t wanna do anything moods” and ended up on a whole lot of Gangnam Style and K-pop videos. This one has to be my personal favourite – London Style. I’ve been banned from doing the dance in the middle of Tenby. *sad*

Music I’m Crushing On

Yeah, discovered this one while watching Vampire Diaries and sniffling. I didn’t know The Fray were still around but this trumps How To Save A Life by a freaking mile.

What Am I Reading?

Finished: Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine
Started: Nada
What Next? AAAGGGHHHH! I’ve spent the past day or two running around the flat trying to decide what to read next. Could be Days of Blood and Starlight, Don’t Fear the Reaper, or perhaps Hidden.

I almost forgot to mention: I completed my Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge to read 50 books this week!! That’s the most books I’ve ever read in a year, let’s see how many more I can add to that.


You can’t see it very well but the white one is Hidden by Marianne Curley. There was a beautiful letter with this one from Marianne about why she was absent for a decade – her battle with cancer. Very excited to see her back! I loved Old Magic in my teens and I’m looking forward to trying Hidden. Inheritance I won’t be reading for a while, haven’t even read Eragon yet, but I wanted to get the edition to match my others. I’m trying to collect the Women of the Otherworld books in these covers as they have new ones now that I really don’t like and I already have a few in this style. Got this one pristine from a swap. The Queen’s Vow I’ll be on the blog tour for in January, it’s about Catherine of Aragon’s mother and sounds awesome. Not a fan of the cover art but that’s not what matters. Need I say more about Blood and Starlight? Ah, yes. Hopefully I’ll get hold of a hardback edition of Daughter of Smoke and Bone to match this on my shelf – I borrowed a copy when I read it last year so I don’t actually own it.

A bundle of freebies and Blood and Snow which was like 77p or something (I genuinely can’t remember) for all four novellas. I’m actually wanting to get my hands on certain translations of The Odyssey because after a little research I found some are better than others. The freebie isn’t the right one but I’ve downloaded it for now and the ones I’d like are on my wishlist. Really looking forward to Experiment in Terror, especially after Kristilyn’s song and Amanda’s binge (people have series binges for a valid reason). I have 1, 2, and 2.5 now. Need the rest!