Why my TBR pile both terrifies and excites me. And why it will never stop growing and changing.

My Source.

I’ve seen so many people posting “the books I’m going to read in the next couple of months” lists recently that I decided to make my own… except it became less of a manageable immediate TBR list, and more of a monster. I own hundreds of books, all are books that I want to read for various reasons. Some are for review, some were gifts, some I’ve been told are must reads, some really caught my eye, but they all have something in common: How the hell am I going to squeeze them all in?! Simple answer: I won’t.

It is terrifying looking at my books with “what do I read next?” in mind because I’m constantly changing my mind. I’ll tell myself that I’m going to read The Night Circus and then I’ll remember the pile of review books and feel guilty for even considering reading a non-review book. I’ve tried to not feel guilty, I know it’s silly, but I can’t help it.

On the other hand, however, my TBR pile is exciting because at any time I could delve into any number of different worlds and meet different characters and it doesn’t matter what my reading mood might be at that time, I have something to interest me. I love the joy of choice and being able to choose from a whole mountain of books makes me gleeful, especially knowing that I can then go forth and review whatever I choose and open the eyes of other readers.

My problem is that I can’t stop. I adore books so much and I really enjoy collecting them. I love to find places for them on my shelves and rearrange my books and I get excited about books I really want to read and it’s never ending! It isn’t just the physical books either, I’m forever checking for new Kindle freebies and special offers and I have to ban myself from NetGalley and Edelweiss most of the time.

I don’t think I can change though so I have had to come to terms with the terror of one day having to move them all. My book collection has become a living entity and it both terrifies and excites me. Some day I would like to go through it and really see what books I won’t be reading so that I can swap/sell/give them away but that in itself is such a daunting task that I have no idea when I’ll get around to it.

What are your TBR piles like? Do you choose to ignore it’s ever-increasing size? Or are you actually quite good at keeping it down one way or another?