Dark Halo by Christopher Kokoski – Paranormal Thriller

Publication date: June 29th, 2012

In a town besieged by shadowy, demonic forces, a father races against time to save his family.

Thirty-five-year old Landon Paddock has deserted his wife and daughter, abandoned his business, and secluded himself in his late parent’s southern Indiana ranch. But he’s barely lapsed into a drunken coma when a mysterious, winged stranger appears during a violent lightning storm, chasing him out into the maddening night with his estranged 15-year old daughter.

As layer after layer of reality is dissolved by a series of violent encounters, the only way to survive might be for Landon to band together with the family he destroyed to make one last stand against a sinister army of unthinkable magnitude.


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About the Author

Christopher was born in Kansas, the son of an Army Ranger and Black Hawk pilot. He grew up in Kentucky and Germany, and graduated from Murray State University in 2002 with a degree in Organizational Communication. He spent the next three years laboring over his first book, Past Lives, while getting married to his college sweetheart, having a beautiful daughter, and more or less finding his stride in life.

He currently lives in Southern Indiana and works in Louisville, Kentucky as a national trainer. He has presented at local and national conferences on a wide spectrum of topics including communication, body language, cultural sensitivity and influence. Other notable activities include writing articles, short stories, novels and training materials for national and international audiences.

Christopher continues his passion and dedication to writing by working on additional novels, including a sequel to the Past Lives series. His most recent book is the standalone paranormal thriller, Dark Halo.

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Fascination with Vampires: A Guest Post

In thinking about my favorite paranormal creature, my mind flashed to vampires, because I do really, really like them. Although there is a glut of stories, television shows and movies depicting vampires as everything from bloodthirsty man-eaters to sparkling teenage heartthrobs, my captivation with these age-old monsters stems from my childhood.

Today, I want to share with you the 4 main reasons for my fascination with vampires.

  1. Vampires are Alpha Predators. Werewolves and witches are cool. Ok, very cool. Then again, I think all monsters are awesome. Vampires, however, seem to perch at the top of the monster food chain. Therefore, they hunt as alpha predators, killing other killers.

Since I write what might be dubbed paranormal thrillers, writing about antagonists with superhuman powers comes with the territory. Case in point, in my latest novel, Dark Halo, the main characters battle an onslaught of shadowy, demonic creatures throughout the story. There are no vampires in the story, but there is a certain “alpha predator” that shows up in the story.

  1. Vampires are Immortal. Sure, they face the near certainty of eternal condemnation if and when they ever die as vampires, but until then, they live forever in this world. Our culture seems to be so time-conscious, so harried and hurried, that it would be very nice to be released from the constraints of time. I could master languages, musical instruments, discover all the secrets of the world, and more.

My novel, Dark Halo, features a fallen angel. Like vampires, angels live forever. True of the disgraced variety, fallen angels and vampires also share a common eternal fate.

  1. Vampires are Serial Killers. Not just serial killers, but the ultimate killers. Enhanced strength, speed and skill allow them to kill indiscriminately whenever and wherever they want. This concept horrifies me as much as it fascinates. Serial killers captivate me because I can’t understand how someone could brutally murder innocent people, much less mass slaughter. I suppose this is the “train wreck” phenomenon where spectators slow down to view the carnage at accidents.

Angels might not be normally considered killers, but anyone who has heard the Old Testament stories of slaughtering angels know that some types of angels are trained warriors well accustomed with battle. In Dark Halo, several such angels make appearances.

  1. Vampires can compel. The power to control others is dangerous and intriguing, adding to my fear of these monstrous creatures. Not only can they dominate humans physically, but also mentally.

I’ve never heard about angels controlling minds, but their physical and spiritual prowess often lends them god-like influence over humans. In Dark Halo, only Landon refuses to succumb to awestruck mesmerism with the main angel character, while nearly all the other characters falter along in near angel worship out of fear and wonderment.

There you have it: four reasons I love vampires (and nary a sparkle mentioned!). I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.


Christopher Kokoski