The Book of World’s End by C.F Telhuin – Fantasy

Publication date: 29th December 2012

This is a book of history, the history of World’s End. Hidden inside, within these magical pages, is a roundtrip train ticket on the World’s End Expressway forged in your name. It carries the Seal of Leuminel and will take you as far as the farthermost edges of the world over cloud-bound rails, across ruined valleys, hanging windows and gates of fog all the way down to the Glowing Arches of the Southern Cross where glistening moon waters plunge into a neverending pharynx of nothingness, and all life turns to midnight frost.

Along the way secrets will be told as stories unfold of a land that exists both here and there, a realm caught between realms, located right on the spot where one begins and the other ends. The World’s End Star Herald Express departs just a few feet ahead from where you are standing. Can you see it? It’s right over there, behind that orb of bright light shining in the distance like a gilt elliptical shadow cracking through the heavy mists. See it now? Yes, I thought so. Hurry up then!
It won’t wait much longer. Ah, but first, perhaps, I should tell you about the map…

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Author Bio

C.F Telhuin is the author of The Book of World’s End, a fantasy history novel and her debut work. She currently lives and writes on the southernmost edges of Patagonia, in a place known by its own dwellers as World’s End. Part One of the Book of World’s End is now available on and the author is also on Twitter (@cftelhuin)!

Guest Post

When I set out on writing this book I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what it was I wished to accomplish (and still trying to); a fantasy-nonfiction. Let me elaborate on this for a moment; the format would be that of a nonfiction novel whereas the contents would be based on incredible stories of magic and fantasy. At least that was my first thought. Way too easy… (that was my next thought). It would take a different formula, a far more complex one, to convince the readers that what they were reading might actually be true. I’d say a fair part the book, I won’t tell you which part, is based on reality – the place does exist of course, most of the shires and train stops described in the book as well. The other part; the characters, the stories, the tongues and legends, that I leave up for the reader to decide what is true and what is not. I’ll say this though; sometimes the most extraordinary tales happen to be the real ones.

I (and this will come of no surprise I’m sure) have a certain fascination for both C.S. Lewis’s and J.R.R Tolkien’s works and I think their influences are more than evident in The Book of World’s End; the Dwends, the Wizards, the Sages, the Faes, the Aelfs, the Grimgols, the Cervotaurs and so on. But if you delve deeper below there is a firm rootedness in something much more ancient, a powerful inspiration that doesn’t come from these Masters but is rather shared with them. It is the culture and wisdom I was practically born into and have grown up with and adore; Nordic mythology, history and folklore. I’ve taken a large share of this wisdom and brought it from the North Pole to the South Pole where I’ve mixed it up with the creeds, stories and myths hiding in the farthest shires of the austral world, the land where my parents were born. The result, if I may say so, is purely magic! It has become a journey of epic proportions, magnificent in its own way, sometimes curious, other times strange, but in the end The Book offers to take You, reader and selected traveler, on a magical journey to a place that many dream of but never get to see with their own eyes. The question is whether you’re prepared to hop on board the World’s End Expressway Train headed for the distant shires of the End Realm, beyond which all memory of life is emptied out into a hollow womb of darkness and despair. That is entirely up to you…