I wanted to report on these little updates in separate posts but what with a couple of non-update posts and blog downtime ((sorry about that by the way, trying to move servers from my current to Reliq’s and there’s a combination of it having a strop and me being inept, there will be further downtime at the weekend)) I just haven’t had chance so here’s what I’ve been upto recently!

Main Who?

First and foremost, I’ve decided not to reroll. I’ve been back and forth a lot over the past few weeks, but as it turns out I’m still too comfortable with my delightful little Shadow Priest who has been my (on/off) main since early TBC and is the same character I played when I met Dan and Kait (who is my new boyfriend apparently). Also, when you’re trying to eat mid-Terrace of the Endless Springs LFR and it just happens to be the single worst LFR group you have ever been in ((no joke)) and you still have issues with the new flat laptop keyboard and the fact that 3 is next to w and Frost Orb is next to w and despite standing miles away it still heads over to the boss regardless while people are eating up after yet another wipe and then the finger pointing starts.. ahem. I do love her though, I just can’t reroll right now. Shadow Priest is just my thing this expansion. Blizzard have really fixed not only the dps, but also the playstyle. If you spec and glyph right, the playstyle becomes a lot more bursty and just so damn fun. Plus the self heals are amazing for soloing things.

The Cutest Little Rogue

In my Project Insanity post, I mentioned I’d started up a baby Rogue. Well here she is:

Isn’t she just adorable?! I have completely fallen in love with Lady Pandas and their [spazziness] ((I really tried to find a better word but this one just encapsulates what I’m trying to say so well)) , it really suits me down to the ground so when the option was between Human and Panda, and the unanimous vote fell to Panda (and one Gnome /shoo!), I didn’t put up any arguements. The name was a struggle as I’d been holding on to ‘Kalithe’ for my Rogue which is literally ‘Kali the’ and that just doesn’t scream Panda to me so I asked and Dan said Khili and it stuck. I love it! I slowly but surely worked my way through the Panda starting zone. I’ve done it before but found myself incredibly bored and just trying to make it end, so this time I soaked it in and found myself thoroughly enjoying it this time around.

I adore yaks. The yak cart gets me every time!

Insanity All Around – Hip Hip Arr!

We’ve also been trying our hands at the Love Dungeon but short of a couple of neck upgrades for my shiny 90s there hasn’t been a lot of luck. Plus I keep forgetting to do it because ugh effort. Still, it’s worth it purely for giving us the ability to say, “Anybody fancy the love dungeon? Space for two!” *giggle*

Along the lines of Project Insanity, we gained a fourth person – Flaps, a healer. So with our nice little farming spot in the Blacksmith hut in Booty Bay, we got ourselves up to friendly pretty quickly. With a couple other.. erm.. side events.. along the way. Not too long before we get honoured and can move on to the next part.

Hip hip… arr…

The Reputations That Need More Love

Last but not least, I’m back working on my Priest’s reputations. She was getting pretty close with Brood of Nozdormu and Hydraxion Waterlords so with any luck those two will be finished within the next few weeks finally! Mine and Rel’s foray into AQ40 was a lot of fun as well. As for the others, I’m doing my best to get my dailies done. Kait really helped keep me focused today by doing Shieldwall and August Celestials with me and prodding me to go do Anglers as well! Then I only had Klaxxi and Shado-Pan left so off I went and ta-da!

It’s taken me a long time but I’m so so happy! I adore this tiger mount model and I’ve been desperate for it since the first time I saw it. Sorry Swift Alliance Steed, you’ve been replaced.

Heroic Transmogging Achievement Runs

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the transmog runs we’ve done recently. My Hunter finally got her Illidan bow!! Squee. It suits her transmog set so nicely. And Monday night, 10 of us went off to do Bastion of Twilight HC and HC Dragon Soul. Bastion was cleared, netting us a guild achievement for Sinestra and the title ‘Dragonslayer’ which is awfully nifty. I do like dragons. Dragon Soul we got up to Spine before folk were itching to head off to bed. Hopefully we’ll have some fresh clears for transmog kit, further achievements towards the drake meta, and fun. I’m dying to get the heroic version of the Time Lord set for my Mage, I adore that set and missed out on the white version from LFR. I’m also really really hoping for the heroic tier 11 chest for my Priest’s transmog. I’m pretty sure that is my favourite robe ingame, or at least way up there.

One of many things I missed from not raiding in Cataclysm

So yes, we’re all up to date now. Back to business as usual and apologies for future downtime. We should be good until the weekend but the server move is going to go through. Ta-ta!