Right! I have had enough of all this bloody burnout and feeling like blogging is a chore and that I’m surrounded by people (not you guys of course) who care about nothing but their own bloody self-promotion and freebies. It’s just silly, damnit! So I’m making some changes.

I’ve already started by telling myself that I will read what I damn well please and no more review books.. oh except maybe that one. Though I’ve also been gaming a lot more which has eaten up my reading time, I’ve enjoyed reading so much more since 2013 began so that is one New Year’s Resolution that I approve of.

The content is the biggie. I’ve tried randomly putting out posts, and filling up on guest content, and I tried sticking to a kind of schedule, but it keeps on getting boring for me. That’s not good enough! Once Upon A Time is my baby and I will not let it die on my watch. I’m scrapping everything. I’m going to start over. If I finish a book, I shall review it. No more time frames and having to review this that or the other at certain times, I’ll just review it. I still love reviewing books that I have read fairly recently – that hasn’t changed, however, the review post format needs an overhaul. This is something Naithin has commented on and I agree. It’s too much work formatting the damn review post. As for memes and features? Case by case basis. I adore Clock Rewinders but putting it together takes me hours sometimes and it’s getting silly. What I’d really like to start doing more of is writing response posts. This way I not only have content that I care about and should be interesting to read, but I’m giving out some serious link love by basing an entire post around the link. Cover Lover as a regular Tuesday thing will have to go, but if you like taking part please keep doing so! I know Angelya joins in on occasion and I love reading her posts. 🙂 Personally, I shall keep the name but just start posting these whenever I find a cover that I want to talk about. And of course, looking at all of these ideas, there is an obvious problem. Where will the content be coming from? Well you shall have to just get used to a whole lot more of what I’m up to, what my reading habits are, and my opinions on this that or the other. I’m also pondering an ‘On Your Bedside Table’ feature as a way to welcome other bloggers onto Once Upon A Time to talk about their TBR piles. Could be fun!

The other thing that has me sighing regularly is social networking. Yes it is amazing, fun and useful, but gosh people really don’t understand how to use it effectively do they? I look in my Google Reader and end up looking away again because there are hundreds of blogs just full of “800 follower giveaway!” and “guest post from x author” ((yes, I am guilty of hosting way too many of these recently but I love promoting good authors)) and “review of overhyped teen fiction you will never care about ever”, you know? I just.. argh. And Twitter. The apple of my eye. Oh Twitter. Why don’t people understand you? I am currently following 846 people. How the flip am I expected to keep track of interesting tweets? I’m not with all the crap being spammed constantly. So very many of those followees are literally just tweeting about their blog posts, how many pages of whatever book they’re reading they are on from Goodreads, if we’re lucky we might even hear what they had for breakfast but usually it’s Klout and GetGlue and other spammy stuff I need out of my Twitter feed so that I can talk to awesome people again! I need a clean out. A massive one. If people aren’t interesting, they’re gone. I don’t have the time to be nice about it but I also won’t be going on about it, I’ll just do it. My feed needs to be back at a readable level so that I no longer have the need for a ‘Priority Book Blogs’ folder in my Reader and I can look at Twitter and smile at the conversations going on between people I enjoy the company of.

It’s going to change around here and I thought I’d give you a head up because holy hell it has been a long time coming.

The theme is staying though. Don’t worry. I love Ravven’s gorgeous header and the way it fits in with the theme so fluidly and I still get comments on how lovely my book blog looks. So that will not be changing!