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The Past Week at Once Upon A Time
Around The Blogosphere
  • There’s a read-along for Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, book one of the Tiffany Aching books, going on Dab of Darkness and the Little Red Reviewer. I know I’ve imposed a self ban on read-alongs but I might have to join in with this one – I’ve been meaning to give the Tiffany Aching books a read for so long so it should be a bit of fun. 🙂
  • It was announced this week that George R.R. Martin has signed a further 2 year contract with HBO to stay on as executive producer of Game of Thrones.
My Week

Only noteable things this week have been my Mage getting to 90 in WoW and going on to have an old raid night with guildies, and the open day on Wednesday for the job I had last Summer has been and gone. Spoke to the new manager and he seems friendly, with any luck I’ll hear back in the next couple of days. It’s the kind of job where working there previously tends to be a favourable point in your favour. A lot of applicants and still crossing my fingers for the bookshop job but I imagine that’s muchly on the cards at this point. Otherwise, same as usual. Well.. I finally started playing Ni No Kuni since my Mage finally got to max level and that’s a magically wonderful experience. 🙂

Search Terms
  • vein clinic oak park“keywordluv” – Oo
  • isabella the queens blog – is not this one
  • dragon alien – pewpewrawr?
  • what is meant cross genre – usually a genre that crosses with another, but perhaps it’s a genre that’s really angry?
  • does it matter which order you read the cousins war – nope
  • when to read the way of kings – right now
What Am I Reading?

Finished: Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
Started: The Black Company by Glen Cook
What Next? Hopefully Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin or Shadows Linger by Glen Cook which are respectively the next books in the series mentioned above. I did start eyeing up Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff and my epic freebies collection mind you.


All freebies! Well I suppose Disconnect is more of a “thank you for sharing about the freebie days on Goodreads, here’s a Kindle edition”. Saying that, if any of you are interested in reviewing Disconnect I have a .mobi and an .epub and permission to share with reviewers. Email me if you’re interested, it sounds like an excellent book and Imran is a lovely guy.

Freebie Highlights

This is my first ever attempt at using GIMP since I lost access to Photoshop *gulp* That was some head banging followed by “Ohhhhh!”

The Rest

I’m just going to go ahead and link my ebook shelf as arranged by date added! The Sunne in Splendour is a huge historical fiction about Richard III, apparently quite historically accurate (as much so as it can be) and it cost a grand total of 74p.